View Full Version : My predictions.

10-05-2011, 05:18 PM
Bills-Eagles: Eagles are going extinct, just like Michael Pricks injury resistance, if it ever exsisted. But the Bills are running out of luck. Eagles by 3.

Saints-Panthers: Winning this game won't be a brees<- -(LOL) for the saints, but they'll win, by 14.

Raiders-Texans: I have a sudden dislike of the Texans...Weird. Raiders by 330,000.

Cheifs-Colts: Wow. This game probably isn't number one in ticket sales. Colts by 7.

Bengals-Jaguars: Stupid cats. Jaguars by 17.

Cardinals-Vikings: The thought of a bird beating a warrior is odd and unlikely. But it'll happen this weekend. Beanie Wells consumes the viking defense, and poops them out onto the foreheads of the fourth place rams. Cards by 7.

Seahawks-Giants: Eddie Vedder thows three touchdowns in the 2nd quarter, followed by a Layne Staley interception return before halftime. Vedder injures leg in 3rd, in comes Stapp. Game over, Giants by 90.

Titans-Steelers: Steelers unleash anger over last weeks loss against Texans. Titans no longer stomping terrible towels, there being used as a gag by Troy Polamalu. He still isn't happy about that leg injury, probably going after John Madden next? Steelers by 14.

Buccaneers-49ers: The 49ers may be atop the NFC West, but there about 60 years out of style. Plus Legarrette Blount will probably punch a few of there key players, and get away with it. Bucs by 7.

Chargers-Broncos: Regardless of whether or not Tim T-Bone plays, the Bolts win by 14.

Patriots-Jets: Although the Jets convict loaded team win games, they won't win this one. Pats just lost to the Bills, and they're likely good and pissed. Brady gets 23 roughing the passer calls, as the Pats win by 10.

Packers-Falcons: Falcon sounds so much cooler, especially over a team that uses the term "Cheesehead". Falcons win by 7. And yes, it's an educated guess. Packers streak ends Sunday.

Bears-Lions: No offence, but MNF? Great potential, I know. And for Bears, I don't. Yeah they made the playoffs last year, but they're not that great. Plus Cutler doesn't drink enough coffee. However, he takes his vitamins. Bears by 10. I think.