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10-08-2011, 12:15 PM
I am a pitt. fan from NY,, do you people feel like you are more real out there? you-whoo?

be e z yo

10-08-2011, 07:00 PM

10-09-2011, 03:27 AM
No, fron Kalifornie.

10-09-2011, 08:27 AM
Biloxi, MS here. Steeler Nation is pretty big around here, even though we are knee deep in Saints country.

10-09-2011, 08:44 AM
I need a translator. Erm, Welcome to the board, yo!

10-09-2011, 05:12 PM
Lots of Pgh'ers from my neighborhood here in ATL. And of course I rep with my WARD jersey every weekend during football season.

10-09-2011, 08:23 PM
New York Steeler here, Steeler Nation is pretty huge around here also!!

10-09-2011, 08:46 PM
I live an hour south of st louis, and steeler nation is alive and well here

10-09-2011, 09:29 PM
Checking in from the great Pumpkin Patch that is also known as New Castle, IN. Not alot of Steelers fans here, surrounded by Colts, Bears, and Bungle fans but I still represent:tt02:

10-10-2011, 02:43 PM
St.Thomas, Ontario Canada here, and I was at the game yesterday. Was an awesome display.

10-10-2011, 02:52 PM
Greer, SC

10-10-2011, 04:21 PM
Just south of who dey hell. My house is less than 15 minutes from Bungal training camp and they hate when I show up wearing my Ward jersey... :tt02:

10-10-2011, 04:42 PM
I live near nashville,tn...ive been a steelers fan for about 34 years now!

10-10-2011, 09:46 PM
Upstate NY here. We got our contingency, went to the Buffalo game last year and one third of the crowd was Steeler Nation, it was great.

Ill be down there this weekend Yinz.

did I spell Y-I- N- Z correctly?

Staying northeast of Pitt and will be taking Route 29 into the city I believe. Im somewhere up by the PA Turnpike (Rte 76).

Cant wait to get there!!

10-10-2011, 09:59 PM
Plenty of Steeler fans in Baltimore, just look at the list of Steeler bars here!

GMU Steeler
10-10-2011, 11:30 PM
From Northern Va with Pittsburgh/Western Pa roots on both sides. I get accused of being bandwagon but I always point out when I was choosing my teams it was the local Redskins that had been more successful in recent memory than the Steelers. This was following the first Gibbs tenure. I just remember my grandpa always saying the Steelers did everything right and it didn't hurt that they played in the city that my family lived in before they came down here. Plus I loved Bettis.

Third Rail
10-11-2011, 12:57 AM
Just outside of DC, knee deep in Rexgrossmanland.

10-11-2011, 01:24 AM
+/- 2000 miles south! Lots of fans here in Mexico.

10-11-2011, 01:24 AM
Hawaii :tt:

10-11-2011, 09:01 AM
Yeah I guess I should point out that I was born in Pittsburgh, and my whole father's side of the family is from there/still there.