View Full Version : 4 Games Into the Season and.......

10-08-2011, 01:59 PM
For some on here we should pack it in, lets just give up. The Steelers have never faced adversity before, this must be the first week Roethlisberger has played with injury. I mean he never had to wear a special shoe last year, hell his first season he never hurt his knee against Dallas. The O-Line has never been banged up before, they have all started together with a clean bill of health every year. Free agency has never happened, guys have never left, players have never stepped up???? Once again adversity has never stared the Steelers in the face???? Hey I can remember being as frustrated and dejected, ashamed, etc.... I can remember the Steelers in 2004 drafting a QB first for the first time since Bradshaw after going 6-10. It is what it is, we may need some coaching changes (Arians) and some personnel changes, but it is way too soon to write the season off, lets start this Sunday, finally back at home, this week and next week. If you listen to players around the league, the Burgh is not an easy place to win, why because of the Steeler faithful, season is not over yet!!!!:tt04::tt03::tt::tt02::thumbsup: