View Full Version : Keys to victory

10-11-2011, 10:25 AM
Now last weekend I said our keys to victory we're the running game and defense. Our running game was great, as was the defense. Hell, even the passing game was great. But this week, we're playing a different team. Different gameplan?

Nope. We need to continue running the ball, with a good mixture of passes. Nothing fancy. The team we just played is far better overall than the one we're battling this weekend, and there's no reason to make any major changes with what worked last week.

-Mix up the backfield. Redman, Mendenhall and Moore. If we gain a lead, give Dwyer the ball.
-Troy Polamalu & Lawrence Timmons. These are the guys who will step up on defense.

And finally, the Ben to Mike combination. Will it work against the Jags? Yes! Twice, as a matter of fact. Look for Wallace to get a couple burn routes :D

Young guns to watch: Cam Heyward and Jonathan dwyer will probably see time, and when they do, good things will probably happen.

Opposing players to watch: Jason Hill & Maurice Jones-Drew. These guys are dangerous, we need to watch them closely.

10-11-2011, 10:27 AM
Also: Pouncey has been making mistakes lately. Don't be surprised if either that completely changes and he stays clean, or if he makes several. I'm clueless here.