View Full Version : Steelers Man Cave

10-16-2011, 11:14 PM
Anyone willing to share photos of their basement full of Steelers memorabilia aka their Steelers Man Cave?
This is a really neat video of a Steelers fan's basement I found on Youtube.

Also, here is a neat one of a Redskins fan. (Scroll down to mid-page)

Its amazing how many items you can accumulate over the years by going to games and getting gifts from people who know you are a die-hard.

10-17-2011, 09:23 AM
In the middle of starting my Steelers man cave. I have a hodge podge collection of plaques, posters, pictures, misc gifts and stocking stuffers, news paper clippings, bar signs, etc, etc for all 3 teams so it will probably just be a Pittsburgh sports team cave rather than just Steelers ( but mostly Steelers items). I have a neat little 3 seat bar and am going through and buying some cheap black frames at the dollar store to make things more uniform. Also in the middle of deciding on what to replace the ugly hell-red carpet with that someone put in before I bought the place (or somehow get a wall decoration of a Heinz Ketchup bottle that looks like it is pouring onto the carpet lol)

The man cave you linked to looks nice and cozy - much better than having to fight my wife over the living room tv after the game is over so I can switch to another game or be able to watch post game shows - thanks, gave me some nice ideas :thumbsup: