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10-18-2011, 04:09 PM
Troy is good to go
By Bob Labriola - Steelers Digest
Posted 3 hours ago

This time, Coach Mike Tomlin had some good news to impart during his typical accounting of the team’s injury situation that’s always an anticipated part of his weekly news conference.

Troy Polamaluhttp://www.steelers.com/assets/nflimg/icon-article-link.gif (http://www.steelers.com/team/roster/troy-polamalu/1b1010ec-73b6-414d-88ee-72dbd9b48597/), who was removed from the game after stopping Maurice Jones-Drew on a third-and-1 with 9:36 remaining in the fourth quarter last Sunday because of concussion-like symptoms, passed a concussion test and has been cleared to practice when the team begins to prepare for the Arizona Cardinals.

“Troy appears to be good to go,” said Tomlin. “He did a concussion test, and he passed it. He met with our neurosurgeon, and he’s very comfortable with where he is. We anticipate him practicing on Wednesday and moving on throughout the week along with everyone else on our football team.”

There also is a chance in Tomlin’s mind for the team to get back Marcus Gilberthttp://www.steelers.com/assets/nflimg/icon-article-link.gif (http://www.steelers.com/team/roster/marcus-gilbert/c8a0688d-c9d4-49c0-9e91-3ea1e40ddde1/) (shoulder), Chris Kemoeatuhttp://www.steelers.com/assets/nflimg/icon-article-link.gif (http://www.steelers.com/team/roster/chris-kemoeatu/0d696080-a402-4613-bcc8-986b8708cb85/) (knee) and Jason Worildshttp://www.steelers.com/assets/nflimg/icon-article-link.gif (http://www.steelers.com/team/roster/jason-worilds/5c613eee-74dc-496d-85ff-b2dfb90b0b14/) (quadriceps).

“We got some guys coming back, thankfully,” said Tomlin. “Marcus Gilbert is going to potentially be back this week and practicing. We’ll let his practice participation dictate when he plays. Mewelde Moorehttp://www.steelers.com/assets/nflimg/icon-article-link.gif (http://www.steelers.com/team/roster/mewelde-moore/a971937b-8bca-4747-a9f4-88706292e800/) is another guy who is capable of working during this week, and we’ll let that work dictate where we go from there.”

Gilbert had missed last week’s game with a shoulder injury, Moore with a high ankle sprain. But it wasn’t all good news.

“Mike Wallacehttp://www.steelers.com/assets/nflimg/icon-article-link.gif (http://www.steelers.com/team/roster/mike-wallace/304eecdf-1b60-4dc4-9cd8-7808d9f5c97a/) has a minor hamstring, and it may limit him in the early portions of the week,” said Tomlin. “Unfortunately, Doug Legurskyhttp://www.steelers.com/assets/nflimg/icon-article-link.gif (http://www.steelers.com/team/roster/doug-legursky/5eca2c1f-b77b-4d64-b12b-a521751be264/) is going to be out and out for a number of weeks with a dislocated toe. It didn’t require surgery, but if you see him walking around, you’ll see him walking around in a boot. He will be out for a number of weeks.”

Trai Essexhttp://www.steelers.com/assets/nflimg/icon-article-link.gif (http://www.steelers.com/team/roster/trai-essex/55724fca-3a58-4cdc-834c-fb3ee8e62b96/) went into the game to replace Legursky at left guard, and he seemingly would be an option there this week along with Kemoeatu.

“Some other guys who have been out are getting closer to participating, but probably are still going to remain on the outside looking in this week – those guys are Casey Hamptonhttp://www.steelers.com/assets/nflimg/icon-article-link.gif (http://www.steelers.com/team/roster/casey-hampton/179448fb-c7b4-43ee-82db-14d8d6f9eab3/), James Harrisonhttp://www.steelers.com/assets/nflimg/icon-article-link.gif (http://www.steelers.com/team/roster/james-harrison/f955db12-de79-47a3-9c61-d50c2583d49b/) and Aaron Smithhttp://www.steelers.com/assets/nflimg/icon-article-link.gif (http://www.steelers.com/team/roster/aaron-smith/488f7c49-70fe-411f-8000-072b635beaa7/),” said Tomlin.


10-18-2011, 04:14 PM
So "15 Yard McCushion" is healthy, hes just been supplanted by younger legs???

10-18-2011, 04:22 PM
So "15 Yard McCushion" is healthy, hes just been supplanted by younger legs???

Oh yeah...I'm pretty sure (not 100% though) that he's been ready to go for a week or two now. Haven't really kept up on his injury...I just do a little dance in my head every time he's not out on the field. :chuckle:

10-18-2011, 04:49 PM
So "15 Yard McCushion" is healthy, hes just been supplanted by younger legs???

McFadden out. Steelers #1 in Pass-Defense. Coincidence? I think not..

tony hipchest
10-18-2011, 05:26 PM
it seems chris kemoeatu is suddenly good to go as well, now that his replacement is injured. im sure aaron smith has been good to go for 5 weeks now too.

anyone notice whats going on here?

Atlanta Dan
10-19-2011, 05:00 PM
Troy is good to go assuming there are not repercussions from Troy's use of a cell phone to call his wife from the bench on Sunday to let her know he was okay

But if the league's haphazard policy for punishing players is any guide, Polamalu can expect anything from no fine to a four-game suspension.

Because if NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is anything, he's unpredictable.


tony hipchest
10-21-2011, 05:29 PM
roger goodell has announced a decision on troys fine. looks like it will be.... <drumroll>