View Full Version : 'Tebowing' becomes most predictable Internet meme in history

tony hipchest
10-27-2011, 02:20 PM

Tebow saves. Not just the Denver Broncos, but perhaps our society from the wretched planking craze.

If you've watched the second-year quarterback in action, you've undoubtedly seen Tebow in prayer at some point -- down on one knee, head dipped, right hand balled into a fist and pressed against his forehead.

Tebow's signature pose has (inevitably) led to www.Tebowing.com, a website where, well, we're sure you can figure out where this one is going.

Our favorites right now: Hot Chick Tebowing, Beatles Tebowing, Occupy Chicago Tebowing, Toddler Tebowing, Area Surgeon Who Should Have His Focus Elsewhere Tebowing -- and our leader in the clubhouse -- The Trick or Tebowing.

The Internet is weird.

:chuckle: political tebowing in the halls of capitol hill was my fav.