View Full Version : Fan from NY coming to Pitt for the Raven game...looking for somewhere to tailgate

10-29-2011, 11:15 AM
My black and gold brothers and sisters - I am pleased to say that I will be making my second pilgramage to the big ketchup bottle on Nov 6 to watch us slap the Ratbirds and get some revenge for opening day. My girlfriend and I are live on Long Island, NY and are coming from where we go to school in Albany. We obviously want to eat, drink and be merry somewhere in the parking lot before the game and since we're flying in we won't have a car. I was wondering if anyone either knows the best spot to tailgate, or will offer us a place to stop by and hang out for a little while. We will of course bring something to offer to the tailgate. Living in NY, I've rarely had other Steeler fans to talk to, and I would love that opportunity with some real dyed in the wool Steeler die hards such as myself. Let me know, we can't wait to go!


10-29-2011, 01:46 PM
greetings brother I met someone at the seahawks game from hawaii who tried posting the same thing and got no response. What I found is if you walk around tailgating sections near stadium there are more than enough tailgaters who welcome guests to hang and chat and theres tons of food people love sharing. Also if you havent toured the stadium before I recommend it it starts at 10 If I remember and they take you down to the field and to the players locker room (which I have picks of me sitting in players lockers) and much more people dont normally get to see. You werent by chance the guy we met at best western at the seahawks game were you?