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10-29-2011, 03:23 PM
Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans- Winner: Titans

The Titans host the Colts, who have just come off of a 62-7 beatdown by the Saints. The Colts defense gave up over 250 yards of rushing to the Saints, who do not have a very consistent running game. This bears well for Chris Johnson, who is still trying to find his stride after a disappointing year. If he were to have a breakout game, this would be it.

New Orleans Saints at St. Louis Rams- Winner: Saints

The Rams just allowed rookie DeMarco Murray to rush for 253 yards last week. After a strong outing by the Saints rushing attack last week, they look to do the same against the Rams this week. The Saints should easily handle the Rams, winning by at least three touchdowns.

Miami Dolphins at New York Giants- Winner: Giants

The beached Dolphins look to continue their "Suck for Luck" campaign against the Giants, and will most likely continue to be in the running after the game is finished. Eli Manning has been playing some of his best football, and within Brandon Jacobs' return from injury, the Giants' two-headed monster of a running attack also returns with Ahmad Bradshaw with some Jacobs sprinkled in. The Giants will roll.

Minnesota Vikings at Carolina Panthers- Winner: Panthers

Rookie quarterback showdown. Christian Ponder has shown some promise in his limited playing time, and we all know of Cam Newton's accolades. This game will be close, with Adrian Peterson and a stout Vikings run defense keeping them in the game, but Newton works his magic and pulls out a victory.

Arizona Cardinals at Baltimore Ravens- Winner: Ravens

After the Kevin Kolb trade, the Cardinals looked like they would be preseason favorites for the NFC West. Now they're at the bottom of the division, only ahead of the winless Rams. The Ravens have to be motivated after being embarrassed on national television against the struggling Jacksonville Jaguars, and will come out with a vengeance at home and get a convincing win.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans- Winner: Texans

The Jaguars got a quality win last week against the Ravens, and their defense looked formidable. However, the Texans also routed the normally strong Titans defense in a 41-7 victory. The Texans have too many weapons for the Jaguars to contain and should win comfortably.

Washington Redskins at Buffalo Bills- Winner: Bills

The Redskins are starting to look more like the team we thought they would be before the season. The Bills should win by more than 10 points with their balance offensive attack.

Detroit Lions at Denver Broncos- Winner: Lions

After an emotional win last week for the Broncos, and with the Lions dropping two straight, some may be thinking of an upset in this game with a win from the Lions. The Lions are too talented of a team to lose against the Broncos. If the Broncos would allow Tebow to play to his style, the Broncos would have a chance, but I do not believe the coaching staff has any trust in him.

New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers- Winner: Steelers

It is well documented that Tom Brady has dominated the Steelers over his career. However, with an improved Steelers secondary and offense, the blowout that occurred last year will not happen. The Patriots defense has been awful, allowing over 350 passing yards a game to opposing quarterbacks. The Steelers will need to force pressure on Brady and minimize the effectiveness of Gronkowski and Hernandez. I believe they can do this and will win against the Patriots at Heinz Field.

Cleveland Browns at San Francisco 49ers- Winner: 49ers

The Browns defense has been strong, but their offense looked very weak against Seattle last week. The Niners have a strong defense as well, but have been more successful on offense. I see this being a very close game, probably in the style of the Bengals vs. Niners (a la week 3).

Cincinnati Bengals at Seattle Seahawks- Winner: Bengals

AJ Green and Andy Dalton have formed a great rapport, and should easily handle the Seahawks team that only put up 3 points against the Browns last week.

Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles- Winner: Cowboys

This is a must win game for both teams. With the Giants running away with the division, for either of these teams to remain in the hunt, they need a victory. The Cowboys have played well minus some 4th quarter meltdowns from the Romocoaster. The Eagles defense has looked extremely vulnerable. They also have yet to win at home. The game is at Lincoln Financial Field, and I believe the trend continues.

San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs- Winner: Chargers

The Chargers offense seemed out of sync the entire game last week. Phillip Rivers has looked underwhelming. The Chiefs put together a good win in Oakland with two pick sixes. However, with Antonio Gates returning healthy, and with Vincent Jackson and Malcom Floyd, I believe the Chargers offense will click tonight and pull out a win.

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10-29-2011, 03:59 PM
Nice, thanks for the post!

10-29-2011, 11:20 PM
I do all kinds of picks so I guess I'll do them here as well since you started a thread.

Bengals over Seahawks by 6
Ravens over Cardinals by 14
Panthers over Vikings by 7
Texans over Jaguars by 13
Titans over Colts by 10
Saints over Rams by 17
Giants over Dolphins by 14
Bills over Redskins by 10
Lions over Broncos by 13
Patriots over Steelers by 10 (Prove me wrong, Ben! Crosses fingers)
49'ers over Browns by 7
Eagles over Cowboys by 3
Chargers over Chiefs by 14