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11-04-2011, 10:39 PM

hi ! first time poster but been reading post for a few years. Well after 25 years of working for Supervalu Inc.(albertsons stores) i have given two tickets to any sporting event! Well I might get some Steelers tickets,duh! but its on december 24 and if my boss can let me be off for 3 days.
Anyways being from the desert (palm springs,Ca) and going to a cold place, how cold is it in the burgh? December 24 1 pm game? is it snowing at that time? is it unbearable for outsiders?can u bring a throw?Being xmas eve is it less people in the stadium?
i hope many options on tickets mostly sections 500 thru 540. Im might get the seats on 531 AA, seems like a nice view to the city. So its a quick trip. Leaving on the 23 and returning on the 25th.
Also whats the best thing to do or see with just one day or half cuz mostly will beon that game day.

one more thing, on ticket seats is k closer than AA?i have choices of sections 507 p,524 k,531 aa,538 hh

11-05-2011, 06:06 PM
It's cold no matter what if you are from CA. But, it can be anywhere from 20* or lower. And usually windy. And if I had a choice of those seats I would choose 524 k.