View Full Version : Heinz baby!!

11-16-2011, 05:53 AM
Hi! First time to see the steelers at Heinz. So I got free ticket to game and free airfare so why not take advantage! Bad thing or could be a great experience is that it's on Xmas day. So I have three hotels booked all by maririott cuz of family discount. My question is how easy is it to get to heinz from these hotels ? I know one is walking distance but it's a bit more money. It's the residence inn on west general Robinson street. The other two hotels are courtyard downtown on Penn avenue and Pittsburgh Marriott cente on Washington place. Now there is a $70 difference from the residen inn. Is it easy to walk to game from these hotels?

Another thing is getting to hotel from airport. What I'm I looking at price wise from airport to hotel. What's best and cheaper taxi or shuttle? It's just me and wife. Looking at hotel website seems shuttle are cheaper but looking it up it's $50 one way.

Thanks for your help!!