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12-04-2011, 10:18 PM
God is Not a Cincinnati Bengals Fan - Fanís Perspective
By Lisa Stewart, Yahoo! Contributor Network 2 hours, 5 minutes ago

As a fan who loves my team, I have at times said a silent prayer for them to win in hopes it might somehow help. I don't bother anymore; it is clear that God is not a Bengals fan. If there was ever any doubt, their trouncing at the hands of the Pittsburgh Steelers this Sunday washes it away like sidewalk chalk in a rainstorm. If the Bengals are ever going to win it all, divine intervention will have no role in their success.

While there are other teams that have failed to achieve the ultimate success of being Super Bowl Champions, the majority of them have not been around as long as the Bengals, who have been at it since 1967. The Bengals did make it to the big game twice in the 1980's - both times they played the San Francisco 49ers, and both times they lost.

After coming so close in the 80's, there was optimism among fans that sweet victory may be just around the corner. This hope of Bengals fan was crushed like a beer can at a pregame tailgate. The Cincinnati Bengals stumbled and fumbled through the 90's and finished the decade with the worst record in the NFL. As of 2002, they had gone 12 years without a winning record.

Yet Bengals fans are tenacious and they held on to their WhoDey spirit. When owner, Mike Brown, hinted at taking the team out of Cincinnati, the people voted and passed a tax levy to build him a new stadium. Perhaps if they built it, the wins would come.

Bengals fans felt a tiny giggle of hope again when the team drafted Heisman Trophy winner Carson Palmer. After years of quarterback woes, maybe this young California phenom would be our golden ticket. And for a little while, he was. In 2005 Palmer led the Bengals to win their division and into the playoffs. However the Bengals and their fans quickly had their dreams dashed when Palmer was injured on the opening drive of their post season play. He never returned to play for the Bengals the way he had before his injury, and eventually came to the decision that he would rather retire than play another season for the team. Bengals fans bowed their heads, feeling the knife in their backs.

Perhaps we who wear the orange and black should learn our lesson, but the 2011 season has inspired another bout of giddiness. With Andy Dalton, a rookie quarterback who plays like a veteran; A.J. Green, a wide receiver with hands of gold; and new offensive coordinator Jay Gruden on board, playoff dreams again began to take form. But with the likes of Baltimore and Pittsburgh in our division, it is a bumpy road. Officials robbed the Bengals of a key touchdown versus the Ravens, and after a close first game against Pittsburgh; they met us in the steel city with gloves on and pummeled the Bengals into a sad state indeed.

I don't know why the Lord has forsaken my poor Bengals. Even the New Orleans Saints, with the debauchery of Bourbon Street in their backyard, were at long last granted the glory of a Super Bowl victory. What is wrong with Cincinnati? Is our unusually spiced chili from the devil's cauldron? Perhaps Graeter's Ice Cream is the pinnacle of sinful gluttony? Does Mike Brown kick puppies?

Sometimes it's not easy being a Bengals fan, but we will have faith and hold on to the illustrious dream that someday the ultimate prize, the Lombardi Trophy, will be ours. WhoDey, WhoDey, WhoDey gonna be the Super Bowl Champs? Someday, the Bengals. Someday (please?).

Lisa lives in the suburbs of Cincinnati and is a die-hard Bengals fan. As her husband unfortunately supports the Dallas Cowboys , Lisa has taken it upon herself to buy tickets for her family to attend at least one game every season. She was beyond thrilled this year when she won tickets to the NFL's Stomp Out Hunger and was able to meet most of the players, with her nine year old daughter at her side. The number one item on Lisa's bucket list is to go to the Super Bowl and watch the Bengals finally win it all.

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