View Full Version : THE NFL CHALLENEGE - 2nd Annual

06-20-2006, 05:47 PM
aight, all this fantasy talk, i was gone post this there, but i didnt cause i didnt know if yall would move it, so if it belongs there im sure a mod will redirect


im doing a thing called the NFL challenge

i do it every year, but this year i am doing it with many many many people, all the people i know, and all the people in steelers forums that i invite

so i want to invite anyone that wants down

it will be done through email

i will set up a email address, and every week u will be emailed, when u are emailed, it will have the current rank and standings of the records

ima email all the games for each week

and u pick who u think will win the games

its simple, whoever wins the most games, wins, ready to here what they win

NOTHING, hahah

but its fun anyway, it is just good fun and it is cool cause everyone can talk shit and whatnot and have a good old time, i did it last year, and we had a BLAST

aight, let me know if anyone wants in, if u want in, drop ur email address, and u will recieve a email confirming ur interest, and then when the games start, its on like buttered popcorn whodey