View Full Version : A little to early to talk salary cap but...

12-09-2011, 09:39 AM
Im not sure where we are for 2012 cap numbers, but the savings we are going to be quite large and get they are getting us younger to boot real fast with a good draft.

1) Smith gone and almost forgotten
2) Hoke, not a savings but replacement will be younger. McClendon played a huge game!
3) Hampton, big savings, as steelers prove they can draft 3 new dline guys over 3 years and have them here for 10 plus years. Did I mention McClendon?lol
4) Batch gone, hopefully we have no injuries so we have to pay 4 guys
5) Mcfadden gone, who?
6) Farrior gone, thanks you did well for us
7) Ward? I really have gotten to like him more since dancing with stars, lol.. But the smile for Fing up has to go. Glas he didnt smile last night. Would he come back for a 1million? As I think he has some value on the field but more value to work with the wr's andleadership.
8) Kemo, who wants to volunteer to pick him up now?lol

that is almost 30million dollars and outside of Ward, which of these would we miss? Or even think about next year? Zero.

9) Mendy's days maybe getting numbered.

Move it to 33million.

That is a totally built team without taking a step back at all in any position.