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06-21-2006, 01:46 PM
This is Old ARKIESTEELS bad ass chili

you need to brown
2 lbs ground deer meat
1lbs pork sausage
1lbs hamburger

while thats going on put this in your pot

1 can rotel
1 can rotel chili fixins
1 can rotel hot
2 can pinto beans with peppers
1 can balck beans
1 can red beans
2 cans kidney beans

drink one beer pour one in pot

3 can green chilis choped
4 whole roma tomatoes 1/4 up
4 bell peppers red green yellow dont care which or all
1 large onion diced up
2 cans large stewed tomatoes
3 tbl spoons chili powder
1 big tbl spoon salt
3 tbl spoon black pepper
1 tbl spoon red pepper
2 tbl spoon sugar

drink another beer your fire should be pretty hot to boil all this together and add your meat as soon as it is done greese and all

now you need some kind of hot sauce to spice it up some cause this is mild chili up till now

let simmer until veggies are soft serve with no cheese or crackers

drink more beer

eat tums go to sleep