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05-26-2005, 07:47 PM
Ricky talks to NFL

Ex-tailback asks to be reinstated in drug program

By Sarah Talalay
Staff Writer
May 26 2005

WASHINGTON ? In another sign he intends to return to the NFL, running back Ricky Williams, who retired last summer after failing a third drug test, has requested to be reinstated in the league's drug-testing program, a source said.

The program would be a requirement of Williams' reinstatement and includes being subject to as many as 10 tests a month. Participants have to inform program administrators if they plan to leave town, because players can be contacted about tests taking place within hours.

Last week, Dolphins coach Nick Saban said he had spoken with Williams, whom he described as "very, very interested in coming back." A day later, agent Leigh Steinberg also said Williams "has expressed a desire, excitement and resolve to play football for the Dolphins this season."

If Williams returns before July 28 -- the year anniversary of his retirement -- he would be subject to a one-year suspension under the NFL's substance-abuse policy. After then, he faces a four-game suspension and must undergo the league's stringent testing program.

After the NFL owners' meeting concluded Wednesday, NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue said Williams is free to return as long as he meets the league's requirements.

"I think he's going to have to live with the policies we have in place that we have collectively bargained," Tagliabue said. "He's got to make some decisions about what he wants to do."

It's unclear whether the Dolphins would keep Williams on the roster or trade him.

Even the Dolphins' greatest player, retired quarterback Dan Marino, weighed in on Williams this week: "People make mistakes all the time," Marino said. "You can't condemn him for life."

05-27-2005, 11:10 AM
I've never been worried about him coming back and quitting pot. Testing will show if he quits or not. I just think if it was that important at one point to quit all together he just will never get back the drive to play 16 plus a year and train hard. I see it like Randy when he plays when he wants to. It will only be harder as Miami is so bad recently. Go ahead run for 150 in a game and lose. That will make you wonder why you came back real fast. Only saving grace is if he needs millions of dollars so bad then he becomes a paycheck player(still not good becuase he won't sacrifice himself) which is better than no motivation.