View Full Version : Training for the Situation

12-15-2011, 08:20 PM
Ben missed his third practice this Thursday, still feeling sore in his injured left ankle. Charlie has been taking first-team snaps since Monday, with Dixon getting thrown in the mix throughout the week as well.

Right now, it's Ben's goal to get in the facility and put in as much work as possible, and he's hoping that Friday's the day he starts putting that goal into effect.

"If this was just a matter of pain, I'd be out there, but it's being physically unable to do certain things."

Now, Ben has said that coming back into the game after the injury and playing differs entirely from doing that now.

"The second half of that game, you're playing off adrenaline, you're playing off emotion," he said. "The next couple days after that, I just kind of shook my head because I couldn't have done it. I don't know how I did."

With Ben possibly out, Harrison awaiting his appeal results of the one game suspension and Pouncey nursing a similar left ankle injury, the situational training may be on display this Monday in San Francisco.