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06-22-2006, 09:38 AM
n 2006, we won it all
we showed we was ready to ball

who dey, who dey black and gold,
they captivate the young and old

they all said the Steelers were done
we made a successsful 6th seed run.

five rings on one hand,
we are the best team in the land

The steelers dyansty will never fall
always have been better then them all

big ben is throwin passes
making DBs look like asses

get hines ward an icy grill
he is always smiling still

fast willie is on the loose
causin LBs to put on a noose

coach cowher is still spitting
his teeth are always gritting

cause the rooneys are running the show
and there is one thing you should know

don't be worried about 2006
free agent problems we will fix

Peezy wont take any shit
when the browns to throw a fit,

we ain't worried about the bungle's threat
we will beat them twice, place a bet

now its time for me to end this song
I could keep going fo so long

so lets go steelers, here we go
five rings aint enough, we want some mo

06-22-2006, 01:31 PM
Though not a masterpiece, I'll give you "A" for your Steeler love. :sign01: