View Full Version : Jim Marshall for 14th REP

06-22-2006, 06:56 PM
Hey all, I try not to mix football with politics, however living up in Washington state ther eis really nothing I can do to help my Uncle campaign for office.

If any of you live in the 14th District in PA, and are tired of the way Veon is running things (i.e. voting another pay raise for himself, when minimun seems like it hasn't gone up forever). Take a look at my Uncle's website www.jimmarshallcares.com , he is running for the republican party, and I think he would breathe some fresh air into the local scene, as far as jobs, and the economy go. I would really love to be able to move back home when I am done in the Air Force, but if jobs continue to disappear, I am going to be stuck in Cryhawk territory.

Anyways, sorry to bug the rest of you who aren't voters, or don't live in that area.