View Full Version : Week 16 Gay Meter: +20 (+2)

12-25-2011, 04:51 PM
Opposing teams continue to avoid him - he was thrown at only three times, as opposed to Ike, who drew 10 pass attempts - which alone earns him a point. Only one of those three was a completion, and I'm sure everyone from the other side of this debate was screaming for him to be cut when that pass was caught.

He was also excellent in run support, dropping Steven Jackson for short gains several times, and even for a zero gainer and a one yard loss, both solo. Given the image we all still have of Adrian Peterson trucking him, that's impressive. Jackson's no slouch. Notch up a second point this week for Gay, for a plus-2 on the week.

Obviously, William Gay is completely worthless as a cornerback, and he'll probably get a negative-21 next week against the mighty Seneca Wallace, putting him in the red and assuring that he will be cut at season's end, as so many here on these boards have demanded time and again.


12-25-2011, 05:30 PM
Thanks again Ricardisimo - I was on a plane during the game and didn't get to see Gay's play.

Seeing that the defense put up a bagel on the Rams, I was confident that Gay played well. As we head into the playoffs, I find our secondary play in general to be one of our strengths and Gay's play has been a big part of that.

Polamalu is healthy, Clark is hitting as hard as ever and Ike has been solid as usual. Gay has been icing on the cake and pretty good icing so far.

12-25-2011, 06:13 PM
One thing that really impressed me this week was the run support. Steven Jackson is one of the best runners in the NFL, and Gay coming up and taking him out was a pleasure for a Steelers fan.

Make my icing Gay!