View Full Version : Steelers and turnovers or lack there of

01-02-2012, 04:33 PM
The Steelers funished 29th in the league in turnover differential at -13 for 2011. With a 12-4 record, I'd be surprised if any team has had a better record with a worse turnover margin for a season. Below is how we fared in games based on winning or losing the turnover battle.

When lose turnover differential - 5-4
When win turnover differential - 4-0
When turnover differential is even - 3-0

The Steelers didn't really commit many turnovers this year. They threw 15 picks and gave up 13 lost fumbles, less than 2 per game. (they committed 7 in the Ravens game alone) The big difference was that the D hardly forced any TO's this season. They got 11 picks and only recovered 4 fumbles on defense.

One other interesting thing is that we only fumbled the ball 16 times all year and lost 13 of them. So we only recovered 3 of our own fumbles on offense and 4 of the other teams fumbles on defense. We may need to hit the fumble scrum drills a little harder or maybe that's just the way the ball bounces some years. Hope it turns around in the playoffs if so.

01-02-2012, 05:05 PM
We need an interception in every playoff game we intend to win, maybe two against the Ravens. It's time to step up and make them or go home, we have the #1 defense in spite of the lack of turnovers, but eventually it will catch up to us and it only has to once in the playoffs. I think it will if we don't make them. Troy looked good last game, he needs to start playing like Troy of last year for us to get to the SB. With Keisel, Woodley, and Harrison all playing together healthy for the first time since week #2 will cause turnovers. Keisel tipping passes up, Woodley and Harrison causing sack fumbles, and an all around good pass rush that will hurry the QB will all lead to turnovers and momentum swings. We have to have it in the playoffs! Ben has to protect the ball and not give the turnovers back. A couple of turnovers a game and Ben playing how he normally does in the playoffs and we will be playing in February. No turnovers or having a bunch of turnovers on offense could even cost us a game in Denver, and surely would in Baltimore.

01-02-2012, 05:05 PM
The TO differential has been a carry over from last year. It will end up being their undoing in the playoffs. It did them in the SB and it will eliminate them from the post season in short order due to Ben's poor decisions with the ball.