View Full Version : Playing down to the competition is a thing of the regular season

01-06-2012, 04:56 PM
Yes, we were played tough by Cleveland (twice), Jacksonville, Kansas City and Indianapolis. Does anyone else think that maybe that's because our core players, who have played so many big games together, have difficulty finding the level of intensity that young players on those teams reach when their playing the big, bad Steelers? Although those games were tight, I never during any of them felt that we would actually lose. And we didn't.

Regardless of the injuries, and there are many, there is simply no chance that we lose this game. Our remaining players (people are seeming to forget that we still have quite a few horses healthy and ready to go) will be up for this game. Our proud defense, number one in the league again (a fact that many poeple are overlooking because, I don't know, maybe because its just standard at this point?) will not allow this complete joke of an offense to do anything. Intensity, fire will not be an issue whatsoever Sunday. This defense will not allow more than 10 points, and frankly I'm predicting at least an offensive shutout. Can't predict no defensive or special teams scores, though it's unlikely.

I'm sick of all the negativity. I'm amped up to see some Pittsburgh Steeler playoff football. Let's forget about our chances going forward until after we secure this win. Let's go! :tt04: Zero chance we lose this weekend.