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01-08-2012, 07:46 PM
Yeah, we just LOST to the Donks, and I'm just as angry and ticked off as many of you are. After taking a breath, and thinking things through, this loss isn't so bad putting it in perspective for the following reasons:

1) Many of our players are badly injured. I'd love to have gone all the way as much as the next person, but with the sheer number of injuries, I just couldn't see us doing all that well. Now that we're out of the playoffs, our team can get the much needed rest to heal up and recover for next season, where we WILL dominate.

2) The Donks WILL get owned in round two by the Cheatriots, Unlike our team, the Cheats don't have a sheer number of injured players and Brady is ITCHING to beat the Donks again, this time on home turf. So a Donks loss to the Cheats TWICE, one AT HOME in the regular season, would be MUCH MORE EMBARRASING than a win by us in Denver.

3) Even with the number of screw ups by our D, the Donks STILL barely squeaked a win.

4) We still have our 12-4 record, whereas the Donks STILL have 8-8. 12-4 is NOTHING to sniff at.

Yeah we'll be hearing it from Donks fans all week, but they'll ALL shut up once Belicheat and the Cheats beat them again. Let the Donks fans get all ****y and then get OWNED in New England. That was our mistake, we got ****y and then ended up being the 2010 Saints in their playoff game against the Seahawks.

We've had an excellent season, lets enjoy the rest of the playoffs!!! My round two bracket is Cheats, Texans, Giants and Saints, and I'm pulling for a Cheats-Saints SB... but it's ALWAYS STEELER NATION BABY!!!!!

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Yinzer Dolt
01-08-2012, 07:49 PM
Broncos are a college team, I suggest drafting the LSU defense.