View Full Version : November 6th 2011 was the day the Steelers season ended early

01-08-2012, 08:13 PM
Letting Joe Flacco run 92 yards for the winning touchdown was the domino that set the entire seasons on its ear for the Steelers. It dictated how they would play for the last month. If the Steelers win that game, the Steelers are not killing themselves to get the bye. Which, in itself was a bad decision to play for risking the health of your franchise QB. I would rather have a healthy Big Ben playing an extra playoff game then take the chance on making him worse.

On top of all this, the league rules have destroyed the philosophy of Steelers football. Imposing your will on a team no longer can be done, unless you are throwing 8 TD passes. Steelers need to revamp their secondary a little more. I thought not having Ryan Clark tonight was key. If he is in there, I do not think there would have been free reign. Ryan played his best season this year by far and would have helped tremendously.

Steelers need to get at least one more stud on the offensive line and hope that for once they stay healthy for an entire season.

As far as coaching, Steelers need a new offense. An offense less dependent on Big Ben's feet. If you want him to last for another 5 years, COACH it!!! Otherwise, look forward to this shit every year. Ben also needs to make some decisions about himself, you saw today that he is capable of being a pocket passer with the occasional roll out, but his John Wayne style needs to be cut to the minimum otherwise his career will be done inside 3 years from now and he will be injured every year until then.