View Full Version : The #1 defense

01-08-2012, 09:13 PM
Just let the worst offense in the playoffs put 29 on them. 3 of them came from a pick by Ben, but the rest of them are on the D. Offense was to blame for most of the years woes, but the D couldn't get off the field after the 1st quarter.

Injuries may have caught up to us, but we played a scheme that exposed our corners and they were left out there naked with nothing left but their jock straps. We clearly played a different D out there today, making Tebow try to beat us with his are and he did. I would have bet anything that 20 points would have won us this game.

01-08-2012, 09:14 PM
#1 defense mainly because of a soft schedule. Age and injury caught up to this team FAST.

01-08-2012, 09:19 PM
...just got completely owned and totally dominated. The Denver O is vastly superior to anything the Steelers could offer up on defense today. It wasn't even close.

01-08-2012, 09:22 PM
Our defense, i thought, was playing over its head, especially in the last 5 games or so when i all of sudden noticed there was NO pass rush anymore.
2 GLARING things need remedied very quickly if we hope to make a run next year (and hopefully some new personnel will be involved and some personnel gone..)

1. Pass rush/pressure on the QB. The worst thing about today, period. Tebow had ALLLLLLLL DAY long back there and even then, still wasn't getting touched. Linebackers, D-linemen...nobody can get to the QB anymore. Hell, the only time we get to the QB anymore is when we safety blitz. Gay might be our best pass rusher lol Very sad.

2. The secondary needs to start STRIPPING the ball for one..........and two, need to be looking for INT's. Watch the play, for just one example, of when Ike Taylor got burned, i think it was the first time today (of many, i know). He was running, looking at the receiver, looking at the receiver, all the while the receiver is clearly waiting for the ball to come down, but Ike doesn't put his hands up, doesn't turn for the ball, nothing. Got to start creating turnovers guys. Alot of them.

Also, it would not hurt if the coaches made them play "fired up". Thats one of their jobs, right? Have you noticed Baltimore or San Fran's defenses when they take the field. They're practically foaming at the mouth, they look like they want to kill people. Ours sort of just stands around, hangs out, waits for the series of plays to start....almost like walking zombies.