View Full Version : Thoughts from a Denver fan (not trash talk)

01-09-2012, 01:47 PM
Being from Altoona PA, and going to school in Pittsburgh I know how great most Steeler fans are, which include more than 75% of my family and friend.

First off Id like to say the officiating was HORRIBLE. Phantom roughing the passer and PI on you, missing facemasks and blowing the whistle early on Denver, I wish refs just let the game play out.

Harrison's hit wasnt dirty, he's not allowed to go high? Okay go low? Oh wait he cant do that....I dont get it.

Injuries sucked for you guys, we had ours too, our RG was out as well as Dawk. Mendy was out for you guys, and Pouncey. Injuries that happen during the game I dont complain about because its a part of the game. I think it suck Ryan Clark couldnt play, that really isnt fair because its a medical condition he has no control over etc...

As far as the game goes I think we surprised LeBeau a lot, throwing him off his game. Especially with the last pass. No CB should be on an island, especially against someone like DT who is a great talent, just not polished yet.
Tebow surprised me, looking like a real NFL QB that I thought he would end up being. Our run game was really non existent, besides 3 or 4 nice runs. Champ covered well for that most part and our defense held up when it needed to.

With you guys, your D held in the 2nd half (I thought Denver got a little conservative)
BUT where was Harrison? Woodley? Those are the guys I was scared of, that made very little impact. Big Ben still seems to hold on to the ball a little to long, causing more sacks than he should take. Redman beasted us, I think he should start next year and you should draft a quick back to complement him.

Im sure you guys will be in the playoffs this time next year, with a good offense and defense.
Simply I think your coaches were the worst part of you team, in my opinion.
This was definitely the best playoff game so far and goodluck to you guys next year, I respect your organization very much.

01-09-2012, 02:13 PM
Thanks, and welcome to the board!

My brain is still all foggy from last night, or else I'd probably say more. :chuckle:

Congrats on the win, and I'll be rooting for the Broncos the rest of the way. A NE/Balt AFCC game kind of makes me ill.