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What you are about to read is a paper I wrote during my freshman year of college at Mt. Union, I have since transfered back to good old PA. We had to write a paper based off of an argument. Well I did some research and this is what I argued.

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College Writing
April 27, 2005
Argument Paper

Rivalry? Not Any More

Being a Pittsburgh native all my life, and going to school in Ohio, has caused me to be faced with many anti-black and gold remarks. This occurred even after the Steelers pounded the Browns this year and, on their way to a trip to the AFC Championship game before losing to the Super Bowl Champion Patriots. It was nice to wake up one morning after the Steelers won to see the rock in the quad painted black and gold, and each week after that it was updated with the new record. However, some Cleveland fan was ignorant enough to paint the rock with the Patriots logo after the Steelers lost. It was as if they did not realize that the Browns were four and twelve, far from playoff material.
How anyone could constantly root for teams that hardly ever have winning seasons? Many Cleveland fans play the “true fan” card when it comes to why they root for the various Cleveland teams. It is true that many Pittsburgh fans are fair weather fans, but every Fall Sunday in Pittsburgh, if you are out driving during game time, you will not see another car on the road. At the beginning of every Pirates season, opening day is packed. If the Pirates are not playing their best, Pittsburgh fans will be the first ones to say it. Each year around April, the town catches Pirate fever. When the Penguins play, the city is reborn from the winter’s gloom, and the “Igloo” is melting. Players like Jagr, Lemieux, and Barrasso kept Pittsburgh on their feet in the early 90’s.
The problem between Cleveland and Pittsburgh is that the argument never ends. A rivalry has evolved that will never die. Therefore, we must devise a way to see which region has the better sports teams, players, and tradition. This comparison will include everything from high school football, the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and the players that came from each area.
First, we must compare our hockey teams. The Pittsburgh Penguins have become a constant threat in the NHL after winning two Stanley Cups in the early 90s. In recent years, they have battled in the playoffs. Until of late, they have begun to rebuild, only to get Mario Lemieux out of retirement, and sign the number one goalie in the 2003 draft. Cleveland does not even have a hockey team. Pittsburgh wins this battle.
Next, lets move on to the NBA. “Long Live King James,” shout the Cleveland fans, “he is our savior, and he will take us to the promise land!” Well after beating the Toronto Raptors, the Cavaliers came up short of the playoffs after the New Jersey Nets beat the Celtics. The Cavs have yet to win a championship, and after coaching changes, Lebron could no longer be a Cav. There is no longer a pro basketball team in Pittsburgh. However, from 1967-1976, the ABA battled alongside the NBA. We had the Pittsburgh Pipers. Playing their games in the Pittsburgh Civic Arena, the Pittsburgh Pipers held many winning seasons. During the 1967-68 season, the Pittsburgh Pipers defeated the New Orleans Buccaneers for the ABA Championship. We might not have a pro team any longer, but at least we won a championship.
As of right now, both Cleveland and Pittsburgh are not very proud of their baseball teams. Both teams are struggling, with Cleveland having the better record last year. However, when the teams are compared to each other, the Pittsburgh Pirates come out on top. The Pirates are five and two in the World Series, compared to the Indians who are two and three. If you look at the number of hall of fame players from each team, the Pirates also come out on top. Before you look at the numbers, you must first remember that all most all players in the hall of fame have played for more than one team. I have also not counted the managers in the total count. Since the induction of Bill Mazeroski, the Pirates have thirty-four players in Cooperstown. The Cleveland Indians have twenty-five. That is without counting the soon to be hall of famers like Barry Bonds, who started his career in Pittsburgh.
Finally, there is the Cleveland Brown and Pittsburgh Steeler rivalry. This rivalry has since become lopsided. Since 1990, the Steelers have won twenty of the last twenty-seven games. However, in the past, the rivalry was near fifty-fifty. I realize that the Browns were once a great team, sending fifteen players to the Hall of Fame in Canton. The Pittsburgh Steelers have regained their reign in the NFL in recent years, and they have sent seventeen players to the hall of fame. When you begin an argument with Cleveland fans, they tend to change the argument from just the Steelers and Browns, to all levels of football in the states. The Big 33 game is a high school football all-star game between Ohio and PA. Since the inaugural game, there has been a Big 33 alum to play in all of the Super Bowls. The PA all-star team has defeated the Ohio team eleven out of the eighteen games. There are also twenty-six Pennsylvanians in the Hall of Fame, compared to only twenty from Ohio. The twenty-six players from PA, makes PA the highest represented state in Canton. I looked further at the members of the Hall of Fame and found that six players were born in Pittsburgh while only four are from Cleveland.
In conclusion, the sports tradition in Pittsburgh and Cleveland is strong. However, the Pittsburgh teams are just better. Each team has more hall of famers, and many more championships. It was announced recently that the Steelers will play the Browns in 2005 on a Sunday night game. Looks like the Browns are going to get embarrassed on national television.

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i know its a lil long

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Nice little read.........by the way what did u get on it?

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Good stuff....I spent a week in Cleveland one day....no comparison....

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I got an A on it, I was suprised, because me prof was from cleveland.

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I`m from the Burgh, and now I live 35 miles East of the hole called cleve, I cant wait to get back to PA for good

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Good one Section514
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