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01-09-2012, 09:30 PM
Improving for next year isnt an entire rebuilding process. We just need to tweak a few things. The o-line will be better next year, it cant possibly get any worse. im also predicting we get atleast one starter via the draft and hopefully the return of willie colon will make it a much more serviceable unit. Maybe Gilbert could switch to LT and Colon can play RT again. Pouncey at center and draft a guard. That will keep ben healthy and making us that much more dangerous on offense. On defense we need some more youth in all 3 areas. line,backers,and secondary. There is nobody behind troy and with his style of play a decent backup would be ideal. At
Corners im not so sure about. We have depth there with cortez allen, curtis brown and keenan lewis. Lewis and Allen played pretty solid all year and brown was a special teams demon. Hope all 3 keep getting better. Health was an ongoing issue with out backers all year. When harrison played, woodley didnt and vice versa. on the inside Timmons had a down year but i feel that was due to him being shuffled around due to injuries. i expect a rebound from him next year, hes pro bowl caliber. When warren sapp said we were slow,old and done i think he was referring to farrior. He has been great for us for years now, but hes nowhere near what he once was. A young stud in the middle would make us that much better on D. So we have many young pieces in place and i think just adding a couple more through the draft, and maybe free agency and we return to the playoffs again and raise some hell:tt04:

01-09-2012, 10:10 PM
i agree we have some good young guys in place but we also are gonna come up on some very important moves and will have to hit those moves to cont this run of good football. First off as long as we have BEN we should remain in the running each year.. that is the best thing.. Big time QB's usually always give you that shot to compete.. As far as the Line Starks and the ACL thing is huge.. I doubt he is ready for camp.. and I was hoping we could resign him.. Colon cannot be trusted at T.. I thought we had a chance once in for all to put a real good line out there... Sign Starks back for 2 to 4 years, Move Colon down to R Guard, draft the best Guard you can in the Draft at second round and you would be very solid... STARKS ROOKIE POUNCEY COLON GILBERT. Doug L back up center guard, Foster ( very good back up or starter if he beats out rookie ) colon could step in if a T went down as well.. Very solid line.. but Im not so sure we can do it now that Starks is hurt... If Tomlin and company are idiots and go into next season with colon and gilbert as projected starters at tackle then we are screwed.. one injury and we are screwed again.. lets pray they are not that dumb this year. By the way I take a middle LB round one.. we need one bad.. crossing routes are killing us. dump passes are killing us.. running up the middle is killing us.. Timmons is in coverage all the time and seems to do good with it.. we need a run stopper... If a great one is not there then get hamptons replacement, if he not there get our guard with the first pick,... As far as the secondary i think we see cortez Allen have a huge year next year.. kind of the way Troy improved from year one to year two.. I look for allen to do the same..I think he will become our next great shut down type corner.. a number one guy like Taylor has been... if not I expect him to be at least as good as townsend was for us which is not bad... I think we can address the high round CB next year or the year after.. which will be taylors replacement... Overall we have good things ahead of us but some key moves have to be made during the next 3 to 5 years to keep us on top... Troy, james harrison, Ike Taylor, to name a few will need big time replacements in those years to come... we did it with the WR and did it well.. now we have to sign them which I think we can do...

No matter what we are a very good team right now... if we can just get a OC I swear we would be unstoppable on OFF... BA its just time to go