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01-14-2012, 03:55 PM
This is going to be the first time I ever do a mock draft so please tell me if it is good and what could be done to better it.

2012 Steelers Mock Draft


1. D. Hightower- ILB- BAMA- It was hard writing this pick down, but by the time the Steelers pick at #24 it would be a reach to take an OL. And most likely Poe and Stills will be gone by then. Hightower not only fills a position of need, but he allows us not to draft an ILB for a long while and he can jump in be the starter when Farrior retires.
2. J. Chapman- DT- BAMA- I know it is weird that I have us taking 2 BAMA prospects, but by the time we pick in the 2nd Poe, Stills, Worthey, Ta'Amu, and Thompson will be off the board. Chapman was so underrated in the Elite Alabama defense and was probably the biggest reason why no team could run the ball them. Chapman reminds me so much of Hampton and could definitely could turn into a much better player than Hampton was,
3. A. Silatolu- OG- MWST- I do not know much about this guy, but from what I heard he is a tank in run blocking and was exceptional in pass blocking. I know I have us taking a lineman very late, but history shows us always taking lineman late (except the pouncey pick) Silatolu may not be able to compete for the starting LG or RG spot right away, but he will definitely be able to compete for the backup job.
4. O. Bolden- CB- ASU- Finally we take a CB and Bolden although he is projected to be a mid-round pick has played so good at ASU. He was the teams best CB in 2010, unfortunately he missed 2011 with an injury, but he has the quickness, size, and speed to be on this team. He loves to play tight man-to-man and come in and compete for a nickel or dime spot on the team.
5. E. Whitley- FS-VTech- Yes another pick for the secondary. This pick is all for depth. Whitley played very well for VTech during his time their and he was able to cover so much space. With this pick we can allow Mundy (who is not bad know matter what fans might say) to go back to his natural SS position.
6. D. Paige-Moss-DE/DT-UNC- This is also another pick for depth. If the Steelers decide not to sign Hampton, Smith, or Hoke than we either have to use draft picks to get more depth or do something Pittsburgh never really does and sign FA's. I dont see them signing FA's so we pick Paige-Moss. Paige-Moss was such a huge prospect when he first got to college, but injuries and on field issues made him lose time. But when he is healthy and has his head on right he is scary to block and maybe become a late-round gem. Not only does he give us depth at DE, but he can be a great DT on pass rush schemes and with enough coaching may be able to play some OLB.
7. D.Moye- WR-PSU- With us filling all the needs in the first 6 rounds this pick is mainly just in case Ward wants to retire and we cannot sign J. Cotchery. Moye is a huge receiver at 6-4 and is so physical. The Steelers have missed a big physical guy since Burress left and have not really found someone to step-in in that role. We tried on L.Sweed and that was a huge huge fail. Moye is coachable and with Ben throwing him the ball he can really turn into a nice slot receiver who can run through the middle. Another good thing about Moye is that even with his physicalness he loves going deep and that is must to be a Steelers WR.

-Hope you guys liked this Mock Draft and please feel free to criticize it. Just do not be too harsh haha

01-14-2012, 04:53 PM
I like the Hightower, Whitley (I go to Va Tech so I love Whitley lol), and Moye picks a lot. Moye was pretty underrated at PSU cause he had nobody to throw to him and would be a nice weapon to have when one of the 3 young money receivers inevitably has to be let go due to cap concerns.

The Chapman pick is okay but if both Poe, Ta'amu, and Thompson are gone and we didn't take one in round 1 then I think you have to go best guard available, unless an obscene amount of interior linemen are gone as well. And just so you know Still doesn't fit our system, he'd probably play DE in the 3-4.

01-14-2012, 05:11 PM
Thanks man, I definitely agree that Moye was underrated. He has the size and potential to be a great WR as well. The reason I have Chapman is because of the abundance in the OL prospects. I know Stills would be a DE in a 3-4 I just put him there cause I have seen a lot of mocks with him going to the Steelers.

01-14-2012, 07:56 PM
Hightower is a terrible fit for LeBeau D. He has many of the same flaws that old man Farrior does.

Burfict is the pick if you go ILB in RD 1

01-16-2012, 07:47 AM
Inside Linebacker
Vontaze Burfict Highlights


Seems like a Steeler to me. Better get him before the Ravens take him if we do go with an ILB.