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01-14-2012, 05:05 PM
If I were the Steelers GM and had the job of re-signing and letting players go this off-season this is what I would do.
Steelers FA's
C.Batch- Signed- He has a lot left in the tank and not only is he a good backup he is an extra coach as well. He also does not cost a lot of money and its not like we will be spending much in the off-season anyway.
B.Leftwich-Signed- He is so injury prone, but when he is healthy he is a great backup. He and Batch are two extra coaches on the sideline and they are smarter than our crappy OC. Like Batch, Leftwich will come back for very cheap.
D. Dixon- Unfortunately not Sign- Although I am super high on this guy he was really upset that he didn't get to play this season. And also before the season he was talking to the front office about a possible trade. If he feels that he can help a different team than I will be more than glad to walk him out the door.
M.Moore-Signed- The Steelers love having 4 RBs on the team. With Mendenhall probably not making it for the opener we are going to need a veteran RB in training camp to help these young guys. Moore will more than likely come back for cheap again because there is really nowhere else he would go. Going into next season our RB depth chart will look like (I.Redman, M.Moore, J. Dwyer, and B.Batch). Mendenhall will be on the team once fully healthy (possibly start season on P.U.P)
I.Redman (Exclusive Rights)-Signed- Not only am I high on this guy, but all of Pittsburgh is. He may never become a full-time starter, but in the games he did start this year he showed that he is a force to be wreckened with. It will not cost much to retain him and I really feel that he would come back no matter how much we give him.
J. Cotchery- Not Signed- I personally would offer him a contract, but I think that he will sincerely say No to it and look for a better deal in FA. He is sooooo much left in the tank and can still be a great #3 option. He had such a down year, but injuries and being buried on the depth chart was the reason. But when he did play he was usually a jaw dropper.
M. Wallace (Restricted)-Signed- He will be getting big money in the off-season and although I feel that it may be too soon to sign him to a big money deal he has had 2 back-to-back great seasons. He has blazing speed and is very scary when going deep, but thats the obvious. This offseason I would like to see Wallace get much more stronger and he also needs to get better ball skills, he has a tendency to try to catch with his stomach and unlike his counter part A. Brown he tends to drop a lot of balls. He needs to work with Ben and A. Brown this off-season a lot.
D. Johnson- Signed- I am in love with this guy. He doesnt have great catching ability and has absolutely no speed, but the way he blocks and never gives up on plays blows my mind. Next to H.Miller he is our second best blocker on the line and is an above average FB. He will be willing to come back for cheap because he will have nowhere else to go.
T.Essex-Not Sign- Although he came back to the team in better shape and helped all season I am not too sure he can do it again next season. Also with the amount of OL prospects in the draft I feel that his time in Pittsburgh is done.
M.Starks-Not Sign- If he had not torn his ACL against the Broncos than he would definitely be back next season, but his rehab wont end until after pre-season and he probably wont be in game shape until about week 6 or 7; and by that time we definitely will have our line set. I am glad that we signed him again because he was undoubtedly our second or third best and most consistent lineman.
R. Foster- Sign- This undrafted rookie FA has been great with the team. He had a slow start to his career, but he blossomed this year and really has a chance to become the starting RG again next season. He wont demand a big contract either. One guy I would definitely release though is C. Kemoeatu he has been injury prone, penalty prone, and is a liability in pass protection.
D. Legursky- Sign- He is always going to be a backup lineman, but such a great one. He didn't have quite the year he wanted with all the injuries he had, but I feel that once we resign him he will come back much more stronger and will be ready to compete for a starting OG spot. He also will not demand much money.
J.Meredith-Not Sign- Really do have to even talk about this guy??
C. Hoke- Retire- His neck surgery basically put an end to his career. It is so sad to hear that he will not be back next season cause he was our warrior. We were such a great team whenever he came in and played and is such a smart player. I wish him the best and hopefully he can make a great recovery.
S. McLendon- Not Sign- If he were not to play in the Broncos game then maybe I would give him a chance to get resigned, but he looked absolutely terrible in that game. He never got off any blocks and was always getting pushed away from the play. It is time to start brand new on the D-Line.
W.Gay- Sign- He was an above average #2 CB this season. Surprisingly played so much better than I. Taylor in the Broncos game. Gay had an up and down season, but it is was more up than down. He might want a little more money than we are willing to give him, but he showed his worth all season.
B. McFadden- Not Sign- Was not the same after he hurt his hamstring and is too much of a liability.
A. Madison- Not Sign- He was only brought in for depth. There was a reason why we released him once and it will be the same reason why we release him again.
K. Lewis- Not Sign- He is just as big a liability than B. McFadden, at times Lewis showed he was a sure fire #3, but most of the time he was getting either blown off at the line or was just not covering his man tight enough. He will want #3 CB money also and we are not willing enough to give it him, especially with C. Allen and C. Brown in the mix.
R. Mundy- Sign- This guy is a trooper, for all the criticism he gets from the fans, this guy really does well in all aspects of the game. He may not have the best hands to intercept the ball, but his tackling ability is above par and is a great S.T's guy. He played a great game against the Broncos as well. He will definitely come back for cheap too.
D. Sepulveda- Sign- I would sign this guy to a one-year contract knowing that his knee may tear apart again, but when he is healthy he is capable of being in the Pro Bowl. Also a great QB haha. Will come back for cheap knowing that he needs to stay healthy if ever wants a job in the NFL again.
J. Kapinos- Not Sign- With Sepulveda coming back healthy (hopefully) we will not needs Kapinos. I am really surprised that he did not make a team out of preseason anyway though. If Sepulveda gets hurt they will immediately call Kapinos.
S. Suisham- RELEASE!!!- There won't be many if any good FA Kickers in this off-season, but any will be better than Suisham. At times he showed he could be above average, but late season misses and suckiness will make us release him

- That is all the FA's we have this year and I really feel that most of those guys will be back on the team next year. I am hoping that the Steelers break away from tradition and actually use some that money in Free Agency this off-season.

01-14-2012, 08:32 PM
Mclendon will get better, he had his moments....I keep Kapinos....Suisham has really been better than i expected.

01-14-2012, 11:04 PM
Johnson? Really? He can't catch, and usually avoids contact at all costs, but when he actually does hit someone I wish he would have just let the guy go so at least Mendenhall would have a chance at avoiding the tackle. I don't remember which game it was now, but it was late in the season, and every time he tried to block he got stood up and stuffed the hole. In plain English, he did the job of a defensive lineman the entire game, and he was on offense. If they counted offensive players as tacklers he would have been the other team's leading tackler.

And Moore. He was a career third stringer in his prime, and that was at least three years ago.

01-15-2012, 09:51 AM
I know Johnson looks bad on tape and makes some bonehead plays, but he is a warrior of a player and gives 100% all the time. He isn't starting because he has the best hands, he is starting cause his effort and how well he blocks, and yes he isn't that great at FB, but he is definitely above average. I mean he did block for Redman in his 2 big games. He is a tank in pass blocking as well. As for Moore I really feel that he has helped all of these young RB's including Mendenhall and that is why they will bring him back for a little above the league min. When Coach Kirby Wilson was hospitalized the other week, Moore took over the RB coach duties and the Steelers love players who can step up and help the team in anyway they can.

01-15-2012, 10:56 AM
Well, "Re: If I were Steelers GM"

1st:/ I would sell my house and move to Pittsburgh, USA :), and buy a brand NEW Ford Truck. !
2nd:/ I would FIRE Ariens outright, and then let the media all know about it too, or just run Arians over with my new truck. ;)
3rd:/ I would then ask "everyone" else: "...OK, so now, who do we hire now..." ???
4th:/ ...after I created that fiasco, I would probably get immediately FIRED outright by Rooney, and Tomlin.
5th:/ ... after which, I would probably win my "plea of "Guilty, by reason of INSANITY". :)
6th:/ ...well, at that point, I'd probably have to sell my house in Pittsburgh, and maybe move to a more affordable Alaska. ???
7th:/ So by now, me and Mike Tomlin are attendiong the same AA meetings, unfortunately for me, it ain't doin' any good though :(
8th:/ ... ahh well, I'd just create yet another "new" login on this Steelers' forum again, grab a case o' Beer, and just be the Steelers' "Couch" Coach that I always thought I was :(


It's ALL good, so says LIFE !