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01-15-2012, 08:27 AM
1. Vontaze Burfict-ILB-Farrior's eventual replacement
2.Kelechi Osemele-OG-No need to explain this pick
3.Andrew Datko-OT-More depth
4.Duke Ihenacho-SS-Troy's backup
5.Nicolas Jean-Baptiste-DT- Learn from Hampton and compete with McClendon
6.Jeff Demps-RB- Change of pace back/Return specialist
7. Derek Moye-WR- Big WR who can compete for a roster spot

01-15-2012, 10:01 AM
This is a great Mock Draft haha. The only thing I do not like is the Burfict pick. Not because of Burfict, but because ILB is not a major need and it will not be a glaring hole next season, I do believe Farrior has a year maybe two left in the tank and I think S. Sylvester although not playing extremely well, he will continue to develop into a good backup. I think that the first pick will be on either line because those were the two injury riddled positions. But I love the 2 OL picks and I really feel that those 2 prospects can come to this team and compete immediately. I do not know much about the SS, but we definitely need DB depth but I feel that will come in the help of CB. I think us drafting another back to back years will not happen either, but with Kevin Colbert as GM you never know anymore. He doesnt draft for need sometimes and if Demps is the best available then we will take him. The Moye pick is amazing though! I have a mock draft on this forum and I have Moye also in the 7th Rd, I am not a PSU fan at all, but when I watched them he stood out like sore thumb (in a good way) His size, speed, blocking, and ball skills amazed me. He went up for every ball and not with his whole body (Mike Wallace). But great draft!

01-16-2012, 08:14 AM
Vontaze Burfict could be another Ray Lewis in terms of an impact player for the Steelers. He is a fiery guy that could motivate those around him. The Steeler's defense seems to lack the passion it once had under a Joey Porter.

How about

2nd round
Kevin Zeitler, G, Wisconsin Height: 6-4. Weight: 312.


5th round
Brock Osweiler, QB, Arizona State Height: 6-8. Weight: 240. Big Ben II to develop for the future.

01-16-2012, 08:30 AM
Jeff Demps isn't playing football! He's running track

01-16-2012, 08:51 AM
We're not drafting a running back nor a wide receiver in any round. Quarterback or kicker are more likely in those late rounds.

01-16-2012, 11:44 AM
Osweiler won't last until that late in the draft. Since demps isn't playing football I'll switch that pick to case keenum and in the 7th round we take blair walsh kicker

01-16-2012, 03:58 PM
We're not drafting a running back nor a wide receiver in any round.

How long have you been a Steeler fan?:chuckle:

01-16-2012, 04:10 PM
How long have you been a Steeler fan?:chuckle:
Long enough to remember Troy Edwards and Will Blackwell, just to name a few. :doh:

01-17-2012, 08:09 AM
Long enough to remember Troy Edwards and Will Blackwell, just to name a few. :doh:

That's it? How about Jim Smith, Bennie Cunningham, Theo Bell, Weegie Thompson, Randy Grossman, Sidney Thornton, Frank Pollard, Walter Abercrombie, Louis Lipps, Russell Davis, Dwight Stone, Tim Worley, Ernie Mills or Jeff Graham? lol