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06-30-2006, 10:36 AM
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OK, I am bored and need something to occupy my Steeler time so I have done analysis of the Steelers drafts in the Cowher era.

Given that the Steelers have the best won/loss percentage and playoff appearances in this time frame means that we have the worst of all draft position than any other team overall. So lets look at where Steelers have invested in the draft.

I am not using draft rounds but the actual draft number. So for instance I am using Deshea Townsend draft number of 177th pick not that he was in the 4th round.

Special teams (2 kickers), Offensive line, Defensive backs, Wide receivers, Linebackers, Defensive line, Running Backs, and QB’s.

I also added Jerome Bettis since we did trade for him. Adding up all the draft numbers, we selected 137 players for 18,259 total value of draft order. I then divided that number into the number of starting positions needed to see where the Steelers have spent the most value by category.

Here is my analysis of the numbers.

Special teams: The number of picks (2) does not really count in the analysis because the sample size is too small and think we can all agree that drafting special teams players is not a priority by any team.

Offensive Line: This is the number 1 category where the Steelers have invested the most in terms of the draft picks. Given the Cowher era has produced the best running attack and very low sack numbers, it is my conclusion is that we invested the most and received the most value. Steelers know how to draft Offensive lineman.

Defensive backs: This is the second highest investment. Though we have always had a good secondary, I am not convinced that we have received #2 results.

Line backers: This is our 3rd highest investment. I feel of LB corp over the years has done the job and so I would conclude that the Steelers do an excellent job in drafting linebackers for the investment they have made.

Wide Receivers: As our 4th highest investment, I don’t think I can conclude that the Steelers do a very good job evaluating WR’s, especially when you consider we had 4 first rounders and 2 second rounders. I would suggest that in the future that we don’t spend #1’s on WR – we just don’t seem to know how to evaluate WR’s.

Defensive line: Our 5th highest investment seems right given we are 3-4 team and given what we expect them to do.

Tight End: Our 6th highest investment does reflect the productivity we have received – which was mediocre. We are heading into a new era focusing on having a great receiving tight ends who can block and the Steelers are out in front here. Given we wanted mainly run blockers in the past the priority was right and the results equaled the priority.

Running Back: Yes a very low priority but not unlike Denver, if you have a great line, you can get away from a big investment in RB’s both in draft and money. I really like the Steelers philosophy here. Steelers have a very good eye for value in the later rounds that meet the need.

QB: We waited the entire Cowher era for Ben – this chart shows why we didn’t win a Super Bowl until Ben – no big investment – no big results. A couple of the WR’s should have been a QB.
Overall, this shows that Steelers have exactly what they have drafted for and with Ben, Heath, Willie, Alan, Joey, Hines, Casey, Porter, Troy and Ike we have superstars at each category to be real contenders for the Super Bowl for some years to come.

06-30-2006, 10:48 AM
excellent post...I would add that you may want to factor in that if you have a stud at a position ..you will not be drafting for that position...for example..since we had Bettis for so long..it skews the results as to not drafting a RB
HOWEVER..that doesnt take away form the time and knowledge you put into this..POINTS coming your way!!

06-30-2006, 11:50 AM
Nice post GoFor6.