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07-02-2006, 12:22 PM
I just read this on SI. I don't know much about the owners, but you guys know this better than I do, I thought I could read some opinions from you guys. However, I thought ther is no way Mr. Rooney would be listed in 10. :cool:

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The Dallas Cowboys' team charter had begun its initial descent, and Bill Parcells settled into his first-class seat and prepared for an uneventful touchdown. The Cowboys had a road game against the New England Patriots the following day, and Parcells, one of the NFL's biggest control freaks, had mapped out a specific itinerary for his players.

But on this mid-November evening in 2003, the Dallas coach still didn't realize where the plane was about to land. Because the team was staying in Providence, Parcells assumed the Cowboys would be arriving in that city and taking a short bus ride to their hotel. There was only one catch: That night the families of Dallas owner Jerry Jones and Patriots owner Robert Kraft were scheduled to dine together -- in Boston. Rather than drive there from Providence, Jones had chosen to have the plane land at Logan Airport, where several buses were waiting to transport Parcells, his players and the rest of the team's traveling party 60 miles to the south.

The stunned Parcells undoubtedly simmered during his hour-long bus trip to Rhode Island, especially given his contentious relationship with Kraft dating back to his stint as the Pats' coach from 1993-96. Picturing the two families enjoying an upscale dinner probably made the coach want to hurl.

Yet Parcells never said a peep to his boss. As a man who'd spent more than a quarter-century working in the NFL, he knew a good deal when he saw one. Bizarre as it sounds, even in the world's most prosperous professional sports league, a good owner is hard to find.

With so much money at stake, and so many big egos involved, you'd think there'd be good owners in every NFL city, or close to it. The truth is much more depressing than that, though the football fans of Dallas and New England certainly have reason to smile. So, in honor of Parcells' long bus ride, here are our first NFL owner rankings, with many factors considered, the biggest of all being this: If you're a fan of the team in question, how happy should you be about the person or people running the show?

Top Shelf:
1. Robert Kraft, Patriots; 2. Jerry Jones, Cowboys

Next in Line:
3. Dan Snyder, Redskins; 4. Wayne Huizenga, Dolphins; 5. Jeffrey Lurie, Eagles; 6. Jerry Richardson, Panthers; 7. Bob McNair, Texans; 8. Malcolm, Bryan, Joel and Ed Glazer, Buccaneers; 9. Pat Bowlen, Broncos

Keeping it Real:
10. Dan Rooney, Steelers; 11. Bob Harlan/John Jones/Green Bay Packers Inc.; 12. Lamar Hunt, Chiefs

Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy:
13. Jimmy Irsay, Colts

Show Us You Mean Business:
14. Steve Bisciotti, Ravens; 15. Arthur Blank, Falcons; 16. Woody Johnson, Jets; 17. Paul Allen, Seahawks; 18. John Mara and Jonathan Tisch, Giants

Out to Lunch:
19. Alex Spanos, Chargers; 20. Zygi Wilf, Vikings; 21. Randy Lerner, Browns; 22. William Clay and Bill Ford, Lions; 23. Georgia Frontiere, Rams; 24. Wayne Weaver, Jaguars

In Dreamland:
25. Al Davis, Raiders

Lagging Behind:
26. Bud Adams, Titans; 27. Ralph Wilson, Bills; 28. Denise DeBartolo and John York, 49ers; 29. Michael McCaskey, Bears

The Killer Bs:
30. Mike Brown, Bengals; 31. Bill Bidwill, Cardinals; 32. Tom Benson, Saints

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No offense brother............http://forums.steelersfever.com/showthread.php?t=8392

(For the record, having Rooney at #10 is a disgrace and is reason enough for me to cancel my subscription to SI).

07-02-2006, 12:56 PM
No offense brother............http://forums.steelersfever.com/showthread.php?t=8392

(For the record, having Rooney at #10 is a disgrace and is reason enough for me to cancel my subscription to SI).

Ha ha ha. Wow. Sorry guys. My bad. :smile: Thanks 83-Steelers-43! Can we delete this thread? :smile: