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Atlanta Dan
01-24-2012, 07:56 PM
This interview in the Indy Star with Peyton Manning depicts a superstar seeing what the end of the road looks like - some wry moments but definitely downbeat

Sorry, Rob Lowe.

Peyton Manning is not retiring, at least not any time soon.

"I never thought 'Sodapop Curtis' would announce my retirement," Manning said, laughing, referring to Lowe’s character in the 1983 movie "The Outsiders." "I always thought I would be the one to announce it. I'm a huge fan of the movie, but that caught me way off guard. I can't explain it. I know he (Lowe) is a friend of Jim's (Irsay), and Jim sounded surprised.":chuckle:...

"One thing [new Colts GM Ryan Grigson] kind-of, sort-of told me, without really wanting to tell me, was that Irsay will be the guy I'm going to sit down and talk with," Manning said. "That's going to happen at some point, but we haven't had that conversation yet because we really don't need to have that conversation yet."...

"I'm not in a very good place for healing, let's say that," he said, referring to the practice facility. "It's not a real good environment down there right now, to say the least. Everybody's walking around on eggshells. I don't recognize our building right now. There's such complete and total change."...

"I mean, it's 20 degrees, it's snowing, the building is absolutely empty except when you see coaches cleaning out their offices," he said. "I guess it's the reality of the football world, just not something I've had to deal with very often. But I'm in there every day, so I have to sit there and see it. Everybody's being evaluated and I'm no different. It's not the best environment

I understand tough decisions have to be made. There's personal and there's business and that's where we’ve got to separate the two. I've seen other guys leave places and it was personal. I've invested too much into this city for that to happen.


Required reading for any pro athlete who thinks the good times will never end - if it can end like this for Peyton Manning it can end badly for anyone

tony hipchest
01-24-2012, 08:09 PM
hey peyton... its 80 degrees and sunny in miami!