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Livinginthe past
07-03-2006, 03:05 PM
Read an article today in my newspaper that stated that American plans to install a democracy in Cuba once Fidel Castro has passed away.

There was a commitee, co-chaired by Condoleeza Rice and Carlos Gutierrez, formed 3 years ago with the expressed intention of looking at ways to get Cuba to become part of the democratic community

These methods included means of forceably removing Castro from his position of power - though exact details were not made available on the public domain (not surprisingly).

The few bits of information that were available seemed to fly in the face of accepted international law.

It is widely accpeted that Castro will pass the Presidency onto his brother Ra?l - I cannot imagine that the States would see him as the sort of leader they would looking to be installed as a means of moving the country towards democracy.

So, what does everyone think about the theory of this commitee and its intention to enforce democracy on another sovereign nation?

Do you think the United States would assasinate Ra?l Castro in order to empower a more democratically minded President?

Feel free to add any thoughts, i'd be interested to hear what you guys have to say on the subject.


tony hipchest
07-03-2006, 03:09 PM
nuke em!

really i dont care. theyve been commies for this long, whats it gonna hurt (other than their own people) if they remain commies. i dont like the idea of castros brother taking over presidency. that would be like handing bush's job over to jeb in '08.

07-03-2006, 03:43 PM
Although our Government has been planning for Cuba for years and years, I just cannot see us doing this forcibly because:

1) We already have our hands full with Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and North Korea...not to mention deliberations and negotiations with China.

2) As much as I support Bush, he has gotten himself into enough hot water with the rest of the world with his aggressiveness...this would be too much to overrcome I believe. This one CANNOT be justified, no matter how much they look into it.

3) After the "secret" prisons from the CIA...the Govt is paying a little more attention to Laws governing such actions and, assassination is still illegal under Federal Law.

These are merely my opinions, but that is what I see/feel. Does this mean that we would not support an uprising or some other means from another country or their own underground. Of course we would! But force by use of organic means (military)....I just do not see it happening.

Hawk Believer
07-03-2006, 04:02 PM
I agree that we would not do any overt military action to overthrow Cuba. Maybe the CIA would try to "facilitate" some native elements to install a democracy (Bay of Pigs II: - Bay Harder?) Its obvious that nobody could even come close to making a legit argument that Cuba presents a security threat (I can hear the Bush/Iraq invasion argument jokes generating as I write the last line, but come on, Cuba?)

If we were to get invovled with Cuba, it would be either out of pride to correct some government agency buffonery of the last century or out of altruism to "save" the people from their Commie system and dictator (boy that sounds patronizing). I would argue that of the two remaining commie countries in the world, the situation of the average North Korean is much more dire than that of a Cuban.

I would hope that we would learn lessons of recent history and only occupy a government and install a government as a last resort in a dismal situation. This situation doesn't meet that criteria. I'd much rather see us support pro-democracy elements in Cuba from afar and have them do the tough work and possible fighting. It may sound like a cowardly way for us to approach it, but I honestly think that revolutions and their follow up governments work out a lot better when the citizens due the grunt work instead of an outside country like us.