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07-05-2006, 09:54 AM
Ask The Steelers - Orien Harris Part 1
Wednesday, July 5, 2006


Frank Del Campo from Chino Hills, CA: Coming from a school that plays a 4-3 defense, how tough will it be for you to adapt and learn to play in a 3-4?
Orien Harris: Technique and learning the scheme of the defense. They are throwing a lot at me right now with the whole playbook. Basically you have to change the way you play technique-wise. It's still the same thing as pursing and all of the things we did at Miami. With some adjustment I will be okay.

Troy Woods from Brooklyn, NY: What are the biggest differences between the two?

Orien Harris: It's the alignment and technique. It's the little things. Things like responsibility. It's something you have to get used to.

Todd Reilly from Pittsburgh, PA: Are you working at defensive end or at nose tackle, and which do you prefer?
Orien Harris: I am working at end right now. I prefer it. I get more freedom there. I am picking it up pretty good right now. I am taking good steps and feeling real comfortable.

John Hubert from Oak Hill, VA: The Steelers have a legacy and tradition of strong defensive play in Pittsburgh. What does it mean to you?
Orien Harris: I was a big Steelers fan growing up. I had my Steelers jacket. To have the opportunity to play for the Steelers is great. They were one of the teams that believed in me in the draft. I am taking it real personal and holding my head up high. I want to help the team out as much as I can.

Bryan Donnfield from Ligonier, PA: Have the veteran defensive lineman helped you out at all so far?

Orien Harris: They have been real helpful. They have been showing that they really care. All of things you hear about they don't help out rookies in the NFL isn't true. They have been great. They are trying to help me pick up the defense as fast as I can. They are helping me with my alignments. They tell me what I am doing wrong. I am grateful for that.

Mario Jake from Mentor, OH: How much time do you spend studying the playbook these days?
Orien Harris: I spend a couple of hours on it every night before I go to bed. I review everything from that day. We also learn it during the meetings.

Brian Weaver from Green, OH: Dick LeBeau is a great defensive coordinator. What have you learned from him so far?

Orien Harris: I never knew who he was until I came here. He has been talking to the defense before every meeting. He shows that he really cares about the defense. He said some real personal things about life that I have been taking with me. I am happy to be around someone like that. I hope to build a relationship with him like he has with other players on the team because he seems real special.

Gary Johnston from Miami, FL: What kind of advice has your brother given you for your NFL adjustment?

Orien Harris: He has told me to stay positive and to work hard. When we talk we don't talk that much about football. He told me to work hard. He believes in me. It's been real helpful because he has been in the game a few years.

Leo Banks from Washington, PA: How much of an advantage is it to have him as a resource?
Orien Harris: I am real lucky. Plus I come from a good school and a lot of guys down in Miami have given me good advice too. I can call on them for help. It's like a family. Coming to the Steelers everybody seems close to. I am blessed to be in a good situation.

From Terry Kress from Laurel, MD: What was your first reaction when you got the call from the Steelers telling you that they were drafting you?
Orien Harris: It was amazing. I am from not that far from here so it's good. I am really excited about how much the fans love the team. I don't know what to expect. Hopefully everything will turn out good.

07-05-2006, 10:15 AM
Good Read. He got alot to prove, but I think he can handle it.....we shall see real soon!