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Ed Bouchette's Steelers chat transcript: 1.31.12
Tuesday, 31 January 2012 16:24
Written by Ed Bouchette

Ed Bouchette: Good afternoon, let's begin

Bill: Any word on any external candidates (besides Caldwell last weekend) being interviewed for the OC position?

Ed Bouchette: No, but a couple of names have been floated -- Todd Haley and Alex Van Pelt, who have Pittsburgh connections. I'd be a bit surprised at either.

Smokey The Bear: Ed How do you explain BA going back to the Colts?

Ed Bouchette: He and Colts owner Jim Irsay had a good relationship and Irsay and his new coach obviously think he is a man for the job.

Delton Hall: Hi Ed. What do you make of Ocho Cinco's role on the Pats? Has his game as a WR dropped that much or is he in Belicheck's doghouse?

Ed Bouchette: His game dropped that much in Cincinnati and hasn't been revived in New England.

The TanK: Would you say the Steelers are in a rebuilding mode and who makes that call Kevin Colbert?

Ed Bouchette: No, I don't think they're rebuilding. There will be changes, but rebuilding is way too strong.

Pablo: Lots of info swirling around today about Todd Haley being considered and/or interviewed today by Tomlin. What's the latest on that front?

Ed Bouchette: Don't be surprised if Mike Tomlin interviews many for the job. There is no rush and he might as well pick some people's brains, perhaps do some people a favor or two and along the way find the right man for the job.

Guest: Any chance Coughlin retires if he wins?

Ed Bouchette: I know Tom Coughin a little and we actually had a few drinks with some friends once, but I don't know him nearly as well as others and those others tell me he has no intention of retiring.

bman: What kind of deal do you think Butler was presented with to convince him to stay? Firm promise of DC next year?

Ed Bouchette: As I wrote in my slog/blog today, I would expect he got it in writing this time that he will be the next coordinator, although a time may not have been placed on when that will be.

kjacksonpgh: Hi Ed would it not be safe to say the reason for the the BA release / retirement form the Steelers more so the lack of balance on offense and lack of scoring points? The boss did say he wanted to run the ball better.

Ed Bouchette: There had to be a lot that went into that decision and, yes, balance and commitment to the run -- not necessarily more runs but more commitment -- were likely part of it, as was the record in the red zone and on the scoreboard.

Smokey the Bear: Marc Trestman has Pgh connections any chance he's the new OC?

Ed Bouchette: I haven't heard that name mentioned but not every candidate needs to have Pittsburgh connections and not everyone with Pittsburgh connections will be a candidate.

Bill: Tom Clements has also been floated in some media as a potential candidate - would you see him as a potential fit?

Ed Bouchette: Maybe, but everyone tells me he will be the next OC in Green Bay.

Butch: Ed how's the SB vibe in Indy compared to last year?

Ed Bouchette: It's great. No ice, everything is contained downtown and there's plenty of things for all to do downtown. Even the temps are pushing 60 today.

Osi from San Jose: I see Belicheck finding a way to protect Brady with great blocking schemes. He always has a trick up his sleeve. How many sacks do the G Men get?

Ed Bouchette: You mean like all those tricks he's had up his sleeve since the Patriots last won a Super Bowl seven years ago?

kjacksonpgh: Is it more unusual to see Art II become this involved with removing a coordinator?

Ed Bouchette: Yes because it's the first time, I believe, he's removed one.

Jason: Ed, on a typical day, how times do you check in with the Steelers organization and other sources regarding Steelers news?

Ed Bouchette: Thousands (you hear that boss?)

Silverback Backer: I understand no hard time frame for a new OC, but does that position have any input into the upcoming draft?

Ed Bouchette: All coaches have input into the draft -- they write evaluations on each candidate from their positions and have been known to lobby the decision-makers if there's someone they like -- or don't.

Smokey the Bear: Ed Did you get a chance to watch Namath on HBO?. Incredible. He was one of a kind and he exploded the popularity of the NFL.

Ed Bouchette: Dropped HBO, but I have Showtime.

Guest: Think Ben's comments about wanting to talk to Rooney were blown out of proportion?

Ed Bouchette: What isn't blown out of proportion in this day of the Internet, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Some blew it out of proportion, some underplayed it. I don't think Ben is going to light a torch and storm Rooney's office, but I also think him even talking about it publicly was open fare for criticism.

Ryan: Mike Wilbon from PTI actually compared Art Rooney II to Bill Polian saying he's an owner who "inherited the team who thinks he knows more than the coach" what's your take on that? I for one disagree.

Ed Bouchette: You probably mean he compared him to Jim Irsay, whose father owned the Colts before him. I would not compare the two. Art has been around football and the Steelers for a long, long time, was a quarterback in high school and knows something about the game and about people. I don't know Jim Irsay well but I think Art Rooney is well qualified to make such decisions, based on my long experience watching him and interviewing him.

Guest: Seriously, has anyone heard anything at all concerning Limas Sweed and his physical condition and if any team will give him a look?

Ed Bouchette: I really wish Limas Sweed's agent would quit asking questions on this site. No, I have not even though about him, nor have I thought about Frank The Tank Summers and many other former Steelers who have vanished from the game. The Steelers gave Sweed every chance they could and he just couldn't cut it. He's among many in that category.

Guest: Have you had a Shrimp ****tail at St Elmo's yet?

Ed Bouchette: No, I've been busy searching for a place that puts fries and coleslaw in its sandwiches.

Guest: Who do you like Sunday, and I'm not talking about Madonna?

Ed Bouchette: The New York Football Giants

Mike: Is it true Troy stepped aside so his brother in arms Mr Clark could play in the pro bowl?

Ed Bouchette: That would be very Troy-ish.

ken6: With a win, Coughlin gets serious Canton consideration. With a loss, not so much. Your thoughts?

Ed Bouchette: Really, I have none on that topic. I like Coughlin, personally and as a coach. But there are a handful of coaches who have won two and aren't in the Hall (Jimmy Johnson, Tom Flores, etc.) and there are more who have one or none and made it (Madden, George Allen, etc.)

70cougar: Any sense of which fan base is better represented up there so far?

Ed Bouchette: Not many fans here yet, other than Colts fans. Many wearing Colts jerseys to the first-ever Media Day that included fans. About 7,000 paid $25 or $35 apiece for tickets, except those who paid some reported scalper's prices of $350 to watch us interview the players. Phineas T. Barnum

homesick in jersey: Why not Haley? He almost beat the Steelers?

Ed Bouchette: Well, that does it then. Hire him.

Patrick: You have said back in the 80's Chuck Noll was asked to fire some of his coaches. What would have Dan Rooney done if Noll said no?

Ed Bouchette: Gone.

Guest: Had the Steelers held the Ravens at home during the regular season - you would be covering whom in Indy right now?

Ed Bouchette: Now I know why Bill Cowher refused to play the What-If game. I'd be covering the Steelers? Is that what you wanted to hear?

Pablo: Ed, is it time to end the Pro Bowl? Rather than have the farce of a game, how about the league names Pro Bowl teams and offers those players a week trip to Hawaii if they want.

Ed Bouchette: When is that Pro Bowl game scheduled to be played, by the way?

Ed Bouchette: Thanks, all. I'll be here all week

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Patrick: You have said back in the 80's Chuck Noll was asked to fire some of his coaches. What would have Dan Rooney done if Noll said no?

Ed Bouchette: Gone.