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Gerry Dulac's Steelers chat transcript: 2.8.12
Wednesday, 08 February 2012 15:01
Written by Gerry Dulac

Gerry Dulac: OK, lets get the chat started. No Todd Haley press conference today. That's tomorrow. What do you think of the hire?

Guest: Why Todd Haley?

Gerry Dulac: Why not? He's young, progressive, energetic and feisty, and I think the Steelers wanted someone who wasn't afraid to crack the whip on Ben Roethlisberger, if needed.

Rich: Think it's great. What immediate and long terms changes do you see for the offense based on Haley's history?

Gerry Dulac: That still remains to be seen. I just can't imagine Haley coming in and changing the schemes, even the terminology, that has been in place and, for the most part, been largely successful. I think it's going to be the other way around -- Haley will have to fit in to what the Steelers already do. I'm sure he will change a few things, but it's not like the offense needs overhauled. If that happens, the Steelers will be in for a tough and maybe even tumultuous transition.

Guest: Any more scoop on the Saunders suspension and could this impact his making the team next year?

Gerry Dulac: Here's a scoop: I doubt he'll be around with the Steelers to serve his suspension. Why would they want to keep a third tight end who already has two suspensions on his docket (one in college)? He is a disposable part.

Steeltyke: Gerry, do you know what exactly the substance is that Saunders has taken to get suspended? Is it likely a killer to his chances with the Steelers or has he just been unlucky/unthinking?

Gerry Dulac: I don't know the substance, nor do I care. And, yes, I'm sure Saunders' next catch with the Steelers will be catching the next flight out of town.

Guest: Think Todd Haley will utilize the tight ends more?

Gerry Dulac: I hope not. When you have receivers like Mike Wallace, Antonio Brown, Emmanuel Sanders and Jerricho Cotchery, why would you want to utilize the tight ends more? Now, that being said, I would like to see Heath Miller more involved, especially in the red zone. He knows how to find an opening, he uses his body and he catches the ball.

Thomas: Where do you see Haley getting the offense. Will it be an all out aerial assault like he had in AZ?

Gerry Dulac: No, I don't think so. He had an all-out assault in Arizona because he had Kurt Warner, Larry Fitz and Anquan Boldin and didn't have a running back other than a washed-up Edgerrin James. In KC, he utilized three RBs and probably didn't throw the ball enough to his outside guys, He's a smart guy. I think he'll use the weapons he has at his disposal.

jake: I like the hire, but we'll just have to see how it works with Ben.

Gerry Dulac: Jake, I think that's what everyone wants to see -- how the relationship will work with Roethlisberger. It will certainly be different for him after working with Bruce Arians, whom he considered a friend, for five years.

Guest: Think we'll see more of John Clay and Jonathan Dwyer in the running game next year?

Gerry Dulac: You might see one or the other, but you won't see both, not unless there are injuries. Baron Batch will return after his ACL surgery and be part of a backfield that includes Rashard Mendenhall and Isaac Redman. That leaves one spot open for Clay or Dwyer, not both. I'm thinking it will be Clay.

Fool: Did the Steelers misdirect the reporters that everyone thought he was getting a courtesy interview?

Gerry Dulac: To a degree, but I don't think that should diminish Haley's qualities as a coordinator. He is a good one. His temper just gets in the way sometimes.

Pablo: Quick question: Did the Steelers end up interviewing Hue Jackson?

Gerry Dulac: Quick answer: No

Guest: Do the Steelers think Kirby will even be healthy enough to coach next year, and if not will they hire someone else?

Gerry Dulac: That is still up in the air and maybe a little too early to tell. No question they're hoping he can make it back. If he can't my guess is that they will hire someone. When Kirby missed the playoff game in Denver, assistant O-line coach Harold Goodwin filled in as RB coach. But he is gone too, having joined Bruce Arians in Indy as offensive line coach.

Ken: Are there CBA guidelines that prevent Haley from frequent off season meeting with Ben and other players?

Gerry Dulac: Yes. He can only abide by the rules set up for off-season training activities, or OTAs, as they're called. Of course he can always have a cookout and serve hamburgers, hot dogs and 60 Prevent Slot, Hook and Go.

JamesinNYC: Is this a major opportunity for Ben to show that he has grown up and welcome Haley in? I am not bashing Ben because I do think he has grown from his problems, just saying this could be a big step.

Gerry Dulac: Absolutely. But, along those lines, none of this is to suggest that Ben will handle this change in coordinators in an unprofessional manner. I just think it's going to be interesting to see what happens when something doesn't go right on the field and Haley gets in Ben's face the way he used to do with Kurt Warner.

I talked to Kurt Warner yesterday and he said he had no problem whatsoever with Haley's screaming or sideline demeanor. He said it made him a better player.

Guest: Let's face it, the Steelers are a passing team and their best weapons are Ben and the receivers. That said, if Haley throws the ball all around will Art Rooney be upset?

Gerry Dulac: Only if they lose. Haley is like every other coordinator -- he can 98 things right but all anyone will want to complain about is the two things he did wrong.

columbusjack: Anyone at the senior bowl who caught the coaches' eye?

Gerry Dulac: Not sure at this point because I haven't had a chance to talk to some of them about college players. Too much else has been going on. I will be going to the combine in a couple weeks and I'll get a better sense then. So will the Steelers, of course.

Bill: Will Maukice Pouncey bounce back (I didn't think he was a pro bowler) or is he Kendrell Bell II?

Gerry Dulac: Not only a Pro Bowler, but All-Pro, which is even more significant. I don't think anyone other than you is concerned he might be Kendrell Bell.

Ryan: The Steelers have quietly signed some big name former college standouts to futures contracts. Troy Smith, Derrick Williams, and Myron Rolle...of those guys do you see any making the 53 man roster?

Gerry Dulac: I agree. It's like they were going for marquee value. I think Smith and Williams have a decent shot, especially Smith, but a lot of that depends on which quarterbacks they bring back in free agency -- Leftwich or Batch or both. Williams has value as a returner, but they're not exactly looking for that with Antonio Brown and even Emmanuel Sanders. Rolle is a long shot because of his age and inactivity. I think they're doing the kid a favor. Of course, we thought that about Haley too.

Gerry Dulac: All right, that's all the time we have today kids. See you next week!!

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Thanks for posting that dude, good read. I need to break down and buy the plus membership to PPG...

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Thanks for posting that dude, good read. I need to break down and buy the plus membership to PPG...

You are welcome. Actually this was free. I never post pay articles.