View Full Version : why is everyone worried about the Cap???

02-08-2012, 08:27 PM
I understand for normal teams it looked bad... for a normal front office it looked bad but this is not the redskins where they throw money out at aging vets and get stuck with money on their cap when those guys dont preform or Raiders or whatever... this is the Steelers all that is going on is our Vets who have given us pretty much all they can are done with big time football.. some may resign for vet Min but after we go through and make our cuts we will be in good shape.. Plenty of money to sign the new wave of steelers that will carry us for the next 10 years.. Its a great formula that only works if the guys you pay the money are worth it for the entire life of the contract.. Something our Front office seems to get right most times.. We dont over pay for Alan Faneca's .. We paid him the big money the years he was worth it but when he got greedy and didnt want to be fair we let him walk.. turned out we were correct... Ole Alan was good for about 2 more years while the jets got stuck paying him 15 mil or so in up front money etc...

Anyway I just dont get the CAP frenzy... We are around 20 Million over right??? So just cutting Ward, Hampton. and Kemo alone saves around 12 Million ( I think ) then with Wood redoing his Contract today that save about 6... so thats what 18 Million right there... Ward Im sure will sign back for vet Min but anyway thats not even talking about Bmac which is another 2 I think... or James F at 2 or Foote at 2... just relax guys after the cuts and a couple of redo's on contracts we will be plenty under the cap to sign Wallace and the Rookie Class... The Steelers Front Office is usually money in the bank with this stuff and it seems after some cuts that wont do anything but help us on and off the field are made we will be money in the bank again..

Anyway Bottom line with the no Brainer cuts Hampton, Ward, Kemo and the re do of wood the cap is pretty much behind us already... So whats the big deal... lets get the draft hit about 4 out of 7 picks and win some more superbowls baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:coffee::coffee::drink::tt03::t t02::tt04::chuckle::wink02:

02-09-2012, 07:17 AM
I think a big part of the problem is that we have a lot of names on the cap hit list that we can't touch. It seems like some poor decisions took place to get to this point. For example, Colon is going to make 5.7 mil against the cap this year, and we really can't do anything about that. If we cut him right now, he still hits the cap for 4.8 mil.Plus we have about 3 million in dead money on the roster.

Now, the last I checked, we're 23 million over the 2012 cap, and that's only for 47 players. That doesn't even include our unsigned FA's, like everyone's favorite Wallace. Sure, some of those FA's will be cut loose, but certainly not all of them.

Restricted Free Agents
OL Foster, Ramon
TE Johnson, David
OL Legursky, Doug
CB Lewis, Keenan
OL Meredith, Jamon (I think)
S Mundy, Ryan
WR Wallace, Mike

Unrestricted Free Agents
QB Batch, Charlie
WR Cotchery, Jerricho
QB Dixon, Dennis
OL Essex, Trai
CB Gay, William
DT Hoke, Chris
QB Leftwich, Byron
RB Moore, Mewelde
OL Starks, Max
P Sepulveda, Daniel

What makes it worse, is that to soften the cap issue we can borrow cap credit from future years. This seems almost mandatory to us now. That means next year, our cap number will be lower because we burned it this year paying Colon to suck ass. So yea, we can fix this...but it sucks.