View Full Version : Anyone cash in on the superbowl?

tony hipchest
02-09-2012, 12:38 AM
an employee of mine always runs 2 sheets of squares every year, (i never win) a $5/square and a $10/square. payouts every quarter with the double payout for the final score.

i spent $50 on 3 $10 and 4 $5 squares.

i was pissed off when i got giants-9, patriots-0 on both sheets. :doh: you kinda wanna spread it around to increase your odds.

thank you brady for the $800 safety.

1st qtr giants-9 pats-0 = $300
2nd qtr giants-9 pats-10 =$300 (by halftime i was torn but buzzed enough to decide an extra $300 was worth rooting for a pats td for the extra cash before time expired).

i won the 3rd quarter as well with a 2nd square on the $10 sheet.

i never seen anyone win 3 of 4 quarters. :wtf: my employees were a bit peeved at me hogging up the entire 1st half and almost the entire big money sheet. :shake02:

i think im gonna throw them a pizza party for lunch on friday. :smile: :pizza: :yummy: :dollar: :sun:

thanks again, brady! and thanks for letting me look at your wife in her skimpy panties and bra anytime i wanna rub one off. :jerkit:


Fire Arians
02-09-2012, 02:03 AM
won $100 bucks from that game. took the giants +3
won $100 the day before betting on condit to beat nick diaz

it was a good weekend :) I'm not a huge gambler, just do it for shits and grins

02-09-2012, 05:41 AM
The cashing in I did watching them lose was something money couldn't buy :wink02: