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07-12-2006, 09:01 AM
I shared that story on a couple groups, and got this reply from a friend of mine who goes by "Lone Wolf":

I coached with a guy named Ron Hedtke-not sure of the spelling anymore, but he was an old toeheaded German guy. Played ball at North Texas State at the same time Joe Green (Mean Joe Green-also of the Pittsburgh Steeler fame) was there. Ron was mostly a second team guard and as luck would have it spen most of his time in practice in front of Green. He said Green would generally go light on everyone-but once in awhile the coaches would get a bur under their saddle and jump on Green. Head would take a look out of the huddle and see Green snapping his chinstrap on (he normally kept it undone)and know that the next few plays would be "unpleasant"...and they were.

His last spring ball Ron was estatic-he was moved to the opposite side of the line...and wouldn't have to face Joe every play. During the spring game his backup came in and told him the coach wanted him on the sideline..and the backup informed him (with a big grin) that he was going to get to trap Joe on the play. Ron went off the field quietly cussing under his breath-all the years and practices he had gone through and all the abuse from Green..here he had a chance to trap him and the coach pulled him-absolutely no justice!!!! The ball was snapped and from the field came a very loud WACK...the ball went sailing across the field, the ball carrier went in the other direction with Green attached to his chest and the trapping guard was laid out on the ground-his face mask was bent inward. The film showed the set up was perfect, the influence block got Green to step/look out, but he quickly recognized what was happening, collapsed into the hole and forearmed the unlucky guard in the face (bending the face mask). At that point the guard became irrelevant in the scheme of things as he lay unconcious on the ground. Green then proceeded to separate the ball and ball carrier and let God choose the team :>

Another friend got to coach Andy Russell for a short while. Bob was coaching an Army team in Germany in the '60's. He felt like he had a good team that year-had a really exceptional running back. Two days into practice a young man (Andy Russell) came in and said he'd like to try out. Andy got his equipment and showed up at practice that afternoon. They ran a drill involving the running back trying to get by a tackler in a confined space. As "luck" would have it the 'great' running back and Russell were first up. The young back made his best move and started forward. Russell was not impressed, held his ground and struck the back right between the numbers with his facemask. Ball went one way, helmet another, ball carrier another. The back was taken to the hospital to be checked out for concussion and 'other'injuries. The next morning he turned in his equipment and told Bob he couldn't take another hit like that-he never had and one more would kill him :>