View Full Version : Addressing a Flex TE

02-25-2012, 01:20 PM
Heath Miller is a monster and he is perfect for the Steelers as the starter. But I believe getting a more athletic TE like a Jermichael Finley would help us tremendesly. I am watching the combine right now and 2 guys (Ladarius Green, 6ft 6inches 260 lbs and ran a 4.48 from LA-Lafayette and James Hanna from Oklahoma who is 6ft 4 inches 250 lbs and ran a 4.42) would fit in as a situational player. Ladarius Green would by far be my choice yet he will probably be drafted in the 3rd round which we need lots of positions so i doubt the Steelers would draft one that high. But James Hannah is a guy that could be attained in a 6th or 7th round if not as a free agent. Im just tired of talking about first round picks because the reason the Steelers are so successful is because of the guys we get in the late rounds to fill situational needs and maybe find another Brett Keisel or an Ike Taylor


02-25-2012, 08:45 PM
Like you I don't see them using anything close to a 3rd on a TE but guys like Egnew, Hanna, Paulson, Dunsmore and Rodriguez will be there later in the draft and may be worth looking at in rounds 5-7.

I'm personally more of a fan of getting one of Harkey or Igwenagu to help the running game but its hard not to drool over these tweener types.