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Gerry Dulac's Steelers chat transcript: 2.24.12
Friday, 24 February 2012 14:34
Written by Gerry Dulac

Guest: Ed is of the opinion that it's not a bad thing if the Steelers lose Wallace and get a first rounder in return. What do you think?

Gerry Dulac: Well, it wouldnt be a bad thing if that No. 1 pick was from the Browns and it was the fourth overall. But if its from the Patriots at No. 31, how can that be good? Do you think you will find a receiver better than Wallace at No. 31, and that's if you used the pick on a wideout. And why would the Browns sign Wallace for an astronomical price, for example, when they can find an elite receiver at less money with the fourth overall pick? I don't think it will be a good thing.

Guest: So if the Steelers are near the cap by restructuring Ben, what other moves do you think they make to get additional cap space?

Gerry Dulac: They can still restructure Hampton's contract, for one, and also Polamalu, and I'm sure you will still see several veterans released. They will get it done and have room to spare.

Guest: Colbert says they'd like to resign Leftwich and Batch. Why not draft a young qb late as a backup?

Gerry Dulac: They might. But they won't draft him to be their No. 2 guy. Perhaps No. 3. I think it is a good possbility they could draft a QB on the fifth round or later. But that's also one of the reasons they signed Troy Smith to their offseason roster -- to give him a shot to be their No. 3 QB.

Bruce: Have you been able to find anything from the Steeler people as to whether they will keep Saunders despite his PED suspension? Sounded like they really liked him last year and he was a model employee up until the flunked test. I still think he can be a great player for them and hope they keep him. Your thoughts?

Gerry Dulac: I have not heard, and they are not going to say anything publicly because Saunders is a suspended player. Kevin Colbert would not discuss the matter yesterday. I will say this, teams view players differently when they have tested for a performance-enhacing drug rather than a street drug such as cocaine or marijuana. The latter sounds the alarm and raises serious questions about the players' character, commitment and lifetsyle. Saunders is not viewed in that light.

That being said, I still find it hard to believe the Steelers will hold a roster spot for four games for a No. 3 tight end, even if he has shown flashes of being a decent contributor.

Guest: Let's assume the Steelers sign Wallace, and it sounds like they'll find a way. That said, how much of a push do they make to sign Cotchery?

Gerry Dulac: Well, I think they would like to sign Jerricho Cotchery because if he's you're No. 4 receiver, you're not doing too bad. But I'm sure with an extended period of free agerncy this year, he will have more time to shop himself around for a team seeking a No. 3 receiver. He shopped himself last year if you recall and didn't find any takers, which is why he came back to the Steelers. Now, was that because nobody was interested or because there wasn't enough time to shop his services because of the lockout, I don't know. The other question: Did he show enough in 2011 -- more than he did in 2010 -- to coinvince another team he is worthy of being a third receiver? We'll find out.

Guest: Some mock drafts have the Steelers looking at Devon Still of Penn State. He may be undersized to place the nose. Any thoughts?

Gerry Dulac: He is not a nose tackle, and I would be surprised if the Steelers would use a No. 1 pick on another defense end. A pure nose tackle, such as Memphis' Dontario Poe, most definitely. But after drafting Ziggy Hood and Cameron Heyward in two of the past three years, I don't think they're No. 1 pick will he used on Still.

Guest: Will Kemo be one of the guys released? If not, why keep him?

Gerry Dulac: There is another guy who will save the Steelers money by releasing him. I think the team's patience with Kemo has expired, which is why he was benched last year. I do not think they are willing to give him another chance, though I will say he has been playing with a lot of injuries. But he makes way too much to be a backup, which means he is a perfect candidate to be released.

Guest: With what the Patriots and Saints have done with utilizing their tight ends, do you see other teams emphasizing the position more? Afterall the NFL is known as a copycat league?

Gerry Dulac: Absolutely. Understand, though, the Patriots and Saints have been able to do that because of the type of player they have -- and those kinds of players aren't in abundance this season. It will not surprise me at all to see the Steelers go for a tight end before the mid-point of the draft.

Guest: With the emergence of Redman and the young kids Dwyer, Clay and Batch do you think the Steelers will even look at a running back, or do you think they might grab one if they're not convinced Mendy is back next year or will even sign him after next season?

Gerry Dulac: No. I do not expect them to look at a running back, at least not in the first four rounds. But every year I always make this disclaimer -- the Steelers never turn their back on skill players such as RBs and WRs. If there is one of the board they really like and have rated high, they won't hesitate to draft him, even if there isn't a glaring needs. After all, that's how they drafted Mendenhall.

Guest: Would you keep Farrior, given his age and how he has slowed down a bit?

Gerry Dulac: Yes, and I wouldn't move on without him until his replacement is in place. And right now he isn't.

Guest: A lof of fans aren't happy with Suisham. Any chance Steelers take a kicker late, or bring in a free agent or two?

Gerry Dulac: I'm sure they will bring in a free agent to create competition. And Kevin Colbert said every position is open in the draft except quarterback and punter.

Guest: When will the Hines, will they keep him or release him saga finally end?

Gerry Dulac: When they release him. Or decide to keep him.

Ken: More than once, I've heard the Steelers OL described as "not very athletic". Do you think this applies to the guards and do you think the Steelers are looking for the next Fanaca this week?

Gerry Dulac:Yes, I think it applies to the guards because they are not very athletic. And Willie Colon will never be described in that manner, either. I don't think the Steelers atre looking for the next Alan faneca in this draft for two reasons: 1) I don't think they will use their No. 1 pick on a guard because 2) it is a deep draft for guards and they think they can still get a good one on the second or third round.

Gerry Dulac: That's all the time we have today kids. Have to go back to 40 times and player interviews. Talk next week on Wednesday.

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