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04-18-2012, 03:14 PM
I posted in the main forum about a month ago as I was preparing to be the Steeler's GM in our Official Mock Draft. (saintsreport.com) We are currently in the 6th Round and I want to draft an OT. One of these guys should be there, if not all 3.

Tom Compton OT South Dakota
Levy Adcock OT Oklahoma
Matt Reynolds OT Brigham Young

The thing about it is, and is true in later rounds, there is a huge disparity from prospect player rankings. Any of these guys could go from the 4th round to the 7th round. I waited to take a OT because I thought there was good value here in the 6th. Right now I am leaning toward Tom Compton.

Any thoughts?

By the way, here is the Steeler draft to this point:

Round 1: Dont'a Hightower ILB Alabama

I like the pick, especially with 5 Offensive lineman potentiall going before the 24th pick. I'm not sure the Steeelers agree.

Round 2: Almeda Ta'amu NT Washington

Dontari Poe actually slid in our draft and I could have taken him at 24, but I passed. Then I did something uncharacteristic, I traded up with Tampa for a higher 2nd and early 5th for my lower 2nd and lower 3rd. I believe Alameda Ta'amu is the best NT in the draft and I went ahead and made sure he was a Steeler.

At this point I wanted to turn my attention to the offensive line. Since the OT/OG draft is so deep I waited.

Round 4: Senio Kelemete OG Washington

I like this guy, he would do very well in Pittsburgh.

Round 5a: Brock Osweiler QB Arizona St.

I know many will not agree with this pick but I like it. Leftwich is fragile and there is no guarantee he will resign with the Steelers anyway, and Charlie Batch (I am a fan) will not get you very far-he is servicable at best at this point in his career. If you look at Brock he reminds me alot of Roethlisburger, strong arm and mobile. Roethlisburger is on the wrong side of 30 and it's time IMO for the Steelers to bring someone in to develop. Another option I like later in the 5th would have been BJ Coleman, powerful arm and very accurate.

Round 5b: Junio Hemingway WR Michigan

I really wanted to draft an OT here but I could tell the draft was shaping up to offer the best value for that selection in the 6th round, so I took, what I thought, was the best receiver available. This might be Wallace's last year and Sanders has been injury prone, leaving Brown & Crotchery. Hemingway will be a zone killer, wins one on one battles in the air and adjusts like no ones business to the ball on deep throws. He could also benefit from a full year to learn.

Round 6: Levy Adcock, OT, Oklahoma State University

This guy was a steal here, having given up just one sack his entire college career. (Junior/Senior year.) Knee injury in practice just before Fiesta Bowl is the reason. He went on to play in the Fiesta Bowl at 50% and still didn't give up a sack. Couldn't play in the Senior Bowl and his stock plummeted. In March, he had a great Pro Day at OSU, posting a very fast 40. He was listed as a 2nd rounder most of last year and fell because of the knee, and it looks like he is back. This is a steal here, a 2nd rounder in the 6th.

Round 7a: Duke Ihenacho SS Boise St or Aaron Henry FS South Carolina. I'm open to ideas here as both will more than likely be gone.

Round 7b: I'm looking to take Zuerlein K with this selection, I actually got his name for a board member here. Great find......this guy can kick.

Round 7c: I'm thinking about taking the best FB with this selection. Does Pittsburgh ever throw to a FB, or would a FB who just blast holes be more suited to the Steelers. I like a FB here because there are newbies behind Mendenhal and they could probably use the help.

Thanks for your input. I'll make the 6th round pick sometime tomorrow. You can follow along and read my write ups at:


At the end of each round a new thread is started with the previous rounds referenced on the first page of the new thread. Reviewing lots of posts on this website has made the draft easier, hope you like your picks so far. If not, it's just a mock...lol.

04-18-2012, 04:38 PM
I would be a little mad if Oline wasn't addressed until the 4th round ... and i'm not as big as a hightower fan as others ...But i love your 5th round picks ... Osweiler , i think he's a steal in the 5th big just like Ben and the style of play wouldn't have to change and he's a junior ... and Hemingway will be a good player...

don't really know much about the Tackles you want but i like Reynolds , because somebody posted a highlight with him making a big block with his Helmet off and QB scrambled and he hustled back and made the block ...

and yeah Zuerlein will be a great pick for a kicker

04-18-2012, 08:40 PM
I'd say Adcock. But I agree with the other guy. I don't see us taking hightower. Maybe Barron or an OT in the first.

04-18-2012, 11:42 PM
adcock is a 7th-undrafted free agent type so rest on your instinct w compton

04-19-2012, 07:14 AM
Since we Have 4 7th round picks just take 2 of them!