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04-22-2012, 10:57 PM
Btw, I got a chance to look at the schedules, and I think the playoffs are gonna set up like this:

1 New England
2 Pittsburgh
3 Houston
4 Denver
5 Baltimore
6 San Diego
7 New York Jets
8 Cincinnati
9 Oakland
10 Buffalo
11 Tennessee
12 Kansas City
13 Indianapolis
14 Miami
15 Jacksonville
16 Cleveland

1 Atlanta
2 Green Bay
3 Philadelphia
4 San Francisco
5 New York Giants
6 Detroit
7 Chicago
8 Carolina
9 New Orleans
10 Dallas (and they'll want Romo out)
11 Arizona
12 Tampa Bay
13 Washington
14 St. Louis
15 Seattle
16 Minnesota

04-22-2012, 11:32 PM
I agree with the AFC. I think we will be better then the Pats this year but with their schedule they definetly have a good shot at #1. I could see us at #1, #2, or #5. So even though it's possible some positions will change, I think it's very possible that those will be the 6 AFC teams. As for the NFC, I say no way on Atlanta. They will likely make Wildcard, but their main strength is their offense and it got SHUT OUT by the Giants IN THE PLAYOFFS. Only their defense scored, 2 points. I don't see them being good enough to be #1. I predict the Giants will miss the playoffs, the toughest schedule after a SB win will guarantee failure. I could see Dallas or Chicago limping in, or even the Panthers or Saints getting in at #6.

04-23-2012, 03:01 PM
Also, if the AFC does pan out like this, I think Denver takes down the Ravens. Peyton really seems to be their kryptonite.

04-23-2012, 03:15 PM
I want another shot at the Packers.

04-29-2012, 08:13 PM
Updated with the NFL Draft completion*
Includes sidenotes and rough record predictions**

1 New England (not significantly better, made some defensive upgrades, but will flourish off of a weak schedule) PREDICTION: 13-3 or 14-2
2 Pittsburgh (Fairly tough schedule, improved the O-line and picked up a burner back, should win division) PREDICTION: 12-4 or 13-3
3 Houston (If Schaub stays healthy, this team is going to run away with this division) PREDICTION: 11-5 or 12-4
4 Denver (Peyton Manning is enough to bring them 2-3 additional wins) PREDICTION: 10-6 or 11-5
5 Baltimore (Will regress a tad this year, but still very potent, still an 11-12 win team and SB contender) PREDICTION: 11-5
6 San Diego (Rivers and co. need to put all that talent together and produce without shooting themselves in the foot) PREDICTION: 10-6
7 Cincinnati (second best draft) PREDICTION: 10-6
8 Oakland (nice pickups, all depends on Carson Palmer) PREDICTION: 10-6
9 New York Jets (care more about being in the spotlight than they do about winning) PREDICTION: 9-7
10 Buffalo (love the Mario Williams signing and Stephon Gilmore drafting) PREDICTION: 8-8
11 Tennessee (picked up a good WR in the draft, only a matter of time before Locker is the starter there) PREDICTION: 8-8
12 Kansas City (Poe could be a GREAT pick, or he could be a huge bust) PREDICTION: 7-9
13 Indianapolis (third best draft; Luck will shine, Fleener was an underrate pick) PREDICTION: 6-10
14 Cleveland (good defense, Richardson will be the best RB in the division this year and Weeden is better than McCoy) PREDICTION: 4-12
15 Miami (reached for Tannehill, didn't do much after that) PREDICTION: 4-12
16 Jacksonville (Blackmon is a good start) PREDICTION: 2-14

1 Green Bay (still the best offensive lineup in football) PREDICTION: 13-3
2 Philadelphia (Talent learns from last year and builds off of the finish) PREDICTION: 11-5
3 Atlanta (Love this team's chances after New Orleans' punishment) PREDICTION: 11-5
4 San Francisco (Teams will figure "The Harbaugh System" out, but the Niners still prove to be good) PREDICTION: 10-6
5 Chicago (Like the McClellin pick, really like Cutler's return, and love the Marshall acquisition) PREDICTION: 12-4
6 Detroit (Team that takes steps towards elite, Stafford and Johnson grow one year closer to glory) PREDICTION: 11-5
7 New York Giants (Toughest schedule in NFL proves to be too much, but they will regroup next year) PREDICTION: 9-7
8 Carolina (Cam and Keuchly lead the offense and defense, respectively, to a second place NFC South finish) PREDICTION: 9-7
9 New Orleans (After the NFL lambasted the front office and coaches, the talent keeps them in it, but not enough) PREDICTION: 8-8
10 Tampa Bay (best draft this year; Barron wins defensive player of the year and Freeman has a bounceback year) PREDICTION: 7-9
11 Dallas (Claiborne succeeds, the defense plays well, but not enough to stop NY and Philly. Washington splits with the 'Boys, and they'll want Romo out) PREDICTION: 7-9
12 Arizona (Kolb answers the critics that he can handle a starting gig, but the defense of the 49ers proves too much) PREDICTION: 6-10
13 Washington (RGIII has a solid first year, and the Skins have serious optimism for '13) PREDICTION: 6-10
14 St. Louis (Bradford rebounds, but they don't show vast improvement this year) PREDICTION: 5-11
15 Seattle (Flynn fails in Seattle, and fans will call for Jackson or even Russell Wilson) PREDICTION: 4-12
16 Minnesota (Ponder makes Minnesota ponder why they took him early last year) PREDICTION: 3-13