View Full Version : Hines Ward Dedication Website

04-23-2012, 03:28 PM
So I thought I'd like to share with the boards since I came to just grab a quick terrible towel smilie on the website anyways, that I am currently in the process of making a Hines Ward dedication website for my Business Website Design class I am currently taking. It's a fun little project to end the semester and we are able to choose our own subject or topic on the website. Naturally, I wanted to do something with Psycho Ward in honor of his great career! This is nothing special, and I'm not going to spend more than 3 days or so on it. (It's due Wednesday) But I figured why not share and if anyone had any good suggestions or photography of Mighty Mouse over the years let me know! It would be a great and fun little thing and I could even credit you on the site if you wanted!

Basically there are 3 main sub topics on the site, being: Photography, Biography, and Accomplishments. Basically I wanted to add to these catergories and if anyone had any photos or hidden known facts other than wikipedia let me know! Like I said, it's a fun little website for a class and it's due in 3 days, so this isn't going to exactly be OFFICIAL and no money involved so no TROLLING!!! (Ravens fans I'm looking at you...)

Later! :tt: (<--- Got what I wanted :) )