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04-24-2012, 08:38 AM
I'm a very long time lurker. I vist every few days or so but havent posted in a very long time but I do enjoy reading your guys posts. I havent missed a Steelers game since Big Bens first Start of his career other then that every Sunday I watch the game with my grand father who made me the steelers fan i am today. So here it goes

1st- Dont'a Hightower (ilb) Alabama
I'm totally in love with the way he plays the game. He is the ideal complement to timmons. Its scaring me that many mocks have him going before us in the days leading up to the draft.

**If he is not there id go Upshaw,Kirkpatrick, worthy, glenn. I don't think they will pick adams because the the failed drug test.

2nd- Brandon Brooks (g) Miami OH
If Brooks is there in the 2nd I'd be thrilled to grab him. He could step right in and challenge for playing time as a rookie and certainly grow into a solid starting guard for the next ten plus years.

**alt options Alameda Ta;amu, Mychal Kendricks,

3rd- Josh Chapman (nt) Alabama
Chapman has expiernce playing nt in college something most players don't have. He could sit behind Hampton a year then would slide right in in front of his teamate for bama for years to come. This to me is the ideal first three rounds for us.

alt. options Ryan Broyles (WR) Bruce Irvin (OLB)

4th- Trent Robinson (S) Michigan State
I love Robinson, watching him play he always seemed to flash as one of the best players on the feild. I don't see why he is'nt vauled higher then what he is. I believe he will be a solid starter in the nfl and we get younger at saftey.

ALT Options- LSU Deanglo Peterson (TE) , Virgina Chase Minnifeild (CB), Baylor Nick Jean Baptiste (NT) Oklahoma Donald Stephenson (T)

5th- Chris Rainey (RB) Florida
Brown wont be able to return kicks and punts when we loose wallace next year and he becomes our #1 reciever. We take Rainey who is a threat to score anywhere on the field at anytime. Could play third down back along with some slot while being a feared return man with his blazing speed.

ALT Options- Boise State Nate Potter (OT), West Virginia Keith Tandy (CB),

6th- Cody Johnson (FB) Texas
With Haley as the oc hopefully we will get a true FB and who better then Johnson who was the best FB in the country last year. A fearsome blocker who could really help the run game.

ALT Options- Terrance Ganaway, RB/FB, Baylor love him Bettis type, Will Blackwell, G/C, LSU , Kellen Moore QB Boise State Bens back up

7th- Keshawn Martin, WR, Michigan State
Will be a major steal I believe. A major playmaker who just seems to get the game.

7th- Ryan Van Bergen, DE/NT, Michigan

7th- Drew Butler, P, Georgia


04-24-2012, 10:04 AM
Great Draft! First 5 are awesome.

I love Keshawn Martin, it would be like having Randel El back again. This kid throws the ball very well and is a very good returner.

I think the FBs will be available as UDFAs and we need at least one OT picked and I would replace the Punter with a Kicker as Kapinos is very good and will stick with the Steelers.

You still have one 7th rounder to pick so you might want to make it a TE as they will want another extra body for camp and who knows a practice squad player.

04-24-2012, 05:19 PM
Thanks ! Ideally thats how I would like to see the first few rounds go anything after that is really just guessing anyway. I'm just starting to get worried that Hightower will be gone before we pick.