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Ed Bouchette's Steelers chat transcript: 4.24.12


Ryan: Hi Ed, on some blog sites theres been a lot of talk the Steelers could take TE Coby Fleener, do you see it as a possibility? I like Fleener alot but if Hightower and/or possibly even Poe are available id rather take one of them

Ed Bouchette: I cannot see the Steeler drafting a tight end on the first round.

Kjacksonpgh: Hi Ed, Do you believe the pick will be if Dontari Poe, Jerel Worthy or Donta Hightower would be is there at 24. In yesterday's pre - draft conference when asked it seemed as Kevin could not control his emotions, or was that just for the cameras.

Ed Bouchette: I think Poe, but I don't know wha tyou mean about Kevin's emotions.

Guest: Hi Ed, when is the last possible moment Wallace thinks he can sign? Will the Steelers drop his salary on June 15th?

Ed Bouchette: Don't know when Mike Wallace might sign his tender but I also think the Steelers won't pull the tender on June 16 and sub with the 110 percent of his salary. I think they'll wait.

chicago_steeler_fan: Is Poe more Mike Mamula or Ngata?

Ed Bouchette: I don't think he's Mamula.

JamesinNYC: Are you still high on Poe or has the Underwear Olypmic high worn off? Poe or Hightower?

Ed Bouchette: If both are there, I think they go Poe.

Steeltyke: Ed, do you know if Ben has seen Haley's new playbook yet and, if so, have we heard any reaction?

Ed Bouchette: Todd isn't yet ready to issue his playbook, I'm told.

Okiesteelerfan: In your opinion how can Wallace expect to get Fitzgerald money when he's just a one trick pony? Will he have to show his over the middle willingness in 2012 to get the big FA money?

Ed Bouchette: We don't know if he really expects that kind of money or not. I can tell you who won't give it to him, though.

mikeflores16: How many potential starting O-linemen do we need to draft?

Ed Bouchette: One would be reasonable, a tackle or guard.

Steel Curtain Rising: Ed, at the risk of jinxing something, any insights on what has made Kevin Colbert so good in the first round?

Ed Bouchette: I'm writing about that for tomorrow in the PG. It encompasses many things, including organization and understanding of what the coaches want, consistency of symptoms in the scouting department and on the football team.

Kordells Revenge: Ed, all of this talk about them taking Poe is nonsense, would you agree they should take a performer over potential?

Ed Bouchette: Yes, and they generally feel that way, but I still believe they have Poe rated high.

JAXMAN: Ed, Would you be surprised if the Steelers would draft a safety in the first round if Barron is available?

Ed Bouchette: A little bit but if they have him rated high enough, they won't pass him just because he's a safety. Troy Polamalu and Ryan Clark can't play forever.

JerseySteel: Ed, when are you going to divulge on this site who you believe the Steelers #1 pick will be?

Ed Bouchette: I'll have a mock draft in Thursday's paper.

Steel Curtain Rising: What do the Steelers think about the SI/ESPN rumor that the Ravens are looking to trade up ahead of the Steelers?

Ed Bouchette: I don't think they take rumors too seriously and certainly don't think they are trying to block them, if that's what they want to do.

Okiesteelerfan: With the cap so tight this year how do we expect to sign all of our draft picks? Will there be restructuring of other veteran contracts?

Ed Bouchette: Draft picks have become WAY easier under the cap. Last year, the No. 24 pick signed for less than $2 million a year. The No. 24 pick in the second round averaged only 865 K per year and the third rounder 681 K average.

Ryan: If Steelers draft a tackle such as Jonathan Martin in the first, what happens to Colon?

Ed Bouchette: They compete.

JerseySteel: Ed, if Poe is indeed their first pick, do you see him starting the season as the #1 NT?

Ed Bouchette: It sounds as if he's one of those who can use a little grooming first. So, no, unless Hampton can't play.

Kordells Revenge: Hi Ed, great chat as always. What are your feelings on all of this Limas Sweed comeback chatter? Will we finally see greatness from the chosen one?

Ed Bouchette: The only chatter I've seen as the Bengals had him in for a look-see and did not sign him. That's more clutter than chatter.

Ryan: Any surprise draft days trades coming? Similar to Holmes or Mcfadden deals? Or even the Bus for a 2nd?

Ed Bouchette: I don't see it, no.

Ryan W: You've mentioned that the Steelers will likely take a QB in the draft I've only heard that Tomlin has spoken with Kirk Cousins (who has a lot of potential) do you know of any others theyve spoken with?

Ed Bouchette: No, and I think I said it's possible, not necessarily likely.

BillinSF: Why have you "soured a little bit on Cordy Glenn"?

Ed Bouchette: Because I heard they did not have him ranked as high as I thought they might.

Kordells Revenge: Why not sign a player like Shaun rogers for minimum $$ and let him alternate with Hampton? That way they have a stop gap for a year (maybe 2?) and can address more pressing needs, it' not like Poe is a slam dunk...

Ed Bouchette: They believe Hampton will be ready and they're not going to have both of them on the team.

Since the Rams need a WR, if they don't draft Blackmon @ 6, how about offering them Wallace for their two second round draft choices?

Ed Bouchette: And you think the Rams would make that deal?

Steel Curtain Rising: Ed, do you think it would be fair to say that the difference between Donahoe and Colbert is that Colbert does well in the first round but drops off after that where as Donahoe was hit and miss with the first round but excelled at uncovering late round steals?

Ed Bouchette: You can point to successes both had in the later rounds and Donahoe, while not perfect, had some success in the first rounds too.

Steeltyke: Ed, Gerry said at the end of last year that Chris Carter had to come in this year bigger and stronger. Have you seen Carter and, if so, has he? Do the Steelers still see him as an OLB or could he be a candidate for ILB?

Ed Bouchette: No, I haven't seen him and it's hard to tell when they're not practicing. I believe they still consider him as an OLB.

Steel Curtain Rising: Ed, liked your piece on the unrestricted rookie free agents and the shorter draft. Why do you think the Steelers have done so well with the unrestricted rookie free agents, and do you think there's a real chance the draft will be extended?

Ed Bouchette: No, I don' t think the draft will be extended. I believe the Steelers have a long history of giving late-round choices and free agent rookies more chances than maybe some other teams would. If you're a free agent, you will get a good look.

Tony: I hear projections of Kevin Zietler. Drafting another Wisconsin OL Road Grater seems to be a mistake. your thoughts?

Ed Bouchette: I don't think that would be a mistake at all. However, if a good tackle is available, it's a more valuable position.

SteelersfaninUtah: It's been reported by yourself and others that the salary cap is expected to increase quite a bit when the new TV deal kicks in have you heard any rough estimates by how much it will possibly increase?

Ed Bouchette: That won't really kick in, I've been told, until 2015. Next year's cap is expected to rise only slightly.

Copesetic: Hey Bouchette. Any chance the Steelers can get Melvin Ingram?

Ed Bouchette: They love him but they won't get him if they stay at No. 24.

Kordells Revenge: Hi Ed! Are you expecting us to believe Ben lasts another year behind that line? He'll be dead by November if they don't address the situation. How about drafting oline in rd's 1-3?

Ed Bouchette: They've never been known to do that, although they did draft LBs 1-2 in 2007.

Mayock is a genius: Any chance we trade up and get a shot at the Safety from Alabama that Mike Mayock loves?

Ed Bouchette: No, but maybe Mayock will trade up to get him.

Kordells Revenge: Why won't the league give Limas Sweed a fair shot?

Ed Bouchette: He was drafted in 2008. He's had five years to get his fair shot and apparently the league thinks he's shot. The player drafted in the round behind him by the Steelers, Bruce Davis, got much less of a shot than that.

Andy: Is Mike Adams off the Steelers board?

Ed Bouchette: Not by any stretch. I've heard good things about Adams and how he reacted to his reported positive marijuana test. He went to counseling, etc. Marvel Smith tested in college too. I don't think it will affect Adams on draft day.

Guest: I have Stephen Hill rated very high on my board and the Ravens are interested in him. Any chance the Steelers grab him?

Ed Bouchette: I would not think so in the first round, which is what we're talking about.

Dude_From_Cali: Ed: how many more seasons do you expect Troy Polamalu to play?

Ed Bouchette: I could not afford a guess. He turned 31 five days ago. I would say somewhere south of four.

Copesetic: The experts say WR is deepest depth what is the Weakest depth in this draft?

Ed Bouchette: Center is terrible. Fullback always is terrible. True NTs are not there.

Ed Bouchette: Thanks all for the chat.


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