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04-25-2012, 10:19 AM
Mock Standings 2011

Gosslin 11 (right on Steelers pick and Tenn taking Locker)
Draftcountdown 9
Rob Rang 9
Clark Judge 8
Mike Mayock 8
Ed Bouchette 7
Walter football 7
Michael Lombardi 7
Brian Baldinger 7
Pat Kirwin 7
Pete Prisco 6
Reuter 5
Bucky Brooks 5
Steve Wyche 4
Charles Davis 3

Several predicted the right slot for a player but got the wrong team but I gave credit for matching a player to the right team even though the pick number was different. New Orleans trading up for Ingram for example.

Gosslin will not be doing a mock this year as he says he's mock retired.

I think we all know the first 6 picks of this year's draft so guess one more and you wil be just as good as many experts.

tony hipchest
04-25-2012, 10:37 AM
wow, thats a bummer gosselin isnt doing one. year in and year out he's the best. i was bummed last year they wanted you to subscribe to the online dallas fishwrap to see it.

looks like i'll be submitting pat kirwans as my own this year. stay tuned.... :laughing:

pat and tim have had a weekly mock on the radio every friday for the past month where they alternate selections. good stuff.

04-26-2012, 05:16 AM
I'm stunned that Prisco got 6 right, but I guess you'd just have to copy and paste other people's stuff to get the first three or four, then pull out the dart board after that. Bouchette gets a lot of shit from people, but I think when you've been paying attention to the game as long as he has it starts to sink in. He's good, just abrasive.

That Mayock does as well as he does bodes well for us this year; he has DeCastro going to Cincy at 21, and I would like for the front office to consider trading up for him. Getting Tennessee's #20 pick should not cost more than a 3rd or even 4th rounder, and I think he'd be worth it.