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05-03-2012, 10:59 PM
Ed: Steelers Change Rookie QBs
Thursday, 03 May 2012 07:59
Written by Ed Bouchette

Rookie orientation begins tomorrow, and Iím sure the Steelers will come up with someone to play quarterback. That someone wonít be Alex Tanney of Monmouth College. Heís now going to work out for the Buffalo Bills at their orientation.

Tanney reneged on an apparent agreement to work out with the Steelers during their orientation. However, he changed his mind, called the Steelers and said they were okay with it. Itís really no big deal. The Steelers quickly turned to another quarterback, Oregonís Darron Thomas, for a tryout this weekend. Maybe heís the next Dennis Dixon, another QB from Oregon whose Steelers career never took off despite his early promise. No one has signed Dixon yet, by the way.

Hereís a story on that:

And on a more somber note, the Steelers lost a shrine in northeastern Pa. to fire:
Onto your questions:

--- YOU: How much weight do you think the Steelers front office put on the Mike Adams personal visit when choosing to select him in the 2nd round? From what I understand, he was completely off their board, but then he requested a personal visit to offer his mea culpa, and the rest is history.

ME: All that was explained in our story the day they drafted him. Yes, he drove here at the advice of his agent, Monroeville native Eric Metz, and met with Kevin Colbert, Mike Tomlin and Art Rooney. As Colbert said, they told Adams he was off their board, and then gave him a list of things to do to get back on it Ė as well as other teams.
--- YOU: So Ed, who do you like in the 2013 draft?

ME: The best inside linebacker available.

--- YOU: Letís review what the local talk shows canít let go of in this draft? We have 2 draft choices who are not exactly up for the Good Citizen of the Year Award Show. And the fingers being pointed in their direction are not usually used for globes. Now I equate smoking pot with prohibition, eventually doomed to failure, but Iím from California. However, it is illegal and lying about it to a future employer after being tested is downright dumb. And in the other case threatening anyone with bodily harm, especially women is much worse.

But none of us know the future. Didnít we pick a QB in 2004 with a squeaky clean reputation in college?

ME: You are right about both. Each paid his own price because of what he did. The Steelers came to the decision after investigating each that both were worth their draft picks. We wonít know, as Kevin Colbert said, until they play out their careers.

--- YOU: Is it time for some odds to be posted? I saw the Steelers were 20-1 to win the SB before the draft and are now 12-1 post-draft.
Has anyone posted odds that Dick LeBeau punches Todd Haley this season ala Buddy Ryan and Kevin Gilbride?

ME: Itís too early for me to post any odds, but Iím sure you can get them in Vegas and put a bet down right now. Being the peaceful man that he is, LeBeau wonít punch anyone but it might have been far more tempting for him to do so with a previous coordinator than the current one.

--- YOU: After reading "Steelers bring in a rookie quarterback", I wasn't so disturbed by the first scenario of roster players not allowed at minicamp but the second scenario where DeCastro cannot attend minicamp because his classes won't be over in time? Why would the college care? He was offered a scholarship for football. Why would the NFL care? They want to put the best product on the field. I would love to know the percentage of players that actually got a degree through their athletic scholarship.

ME: David DeCastro as well as all rookies can attend this weekendís orientation for them. But then DeCastro and Mike Adams and any other rookies whose college semesters have not ended cannot report to the Steelers again until they do. I agree that itís a hypocritic stance by colleges, who donít mind pulling their players out of classes to compete in bowl games and basketball tournaments. The NFL cares because it wants to keep a good relationship with its free minor league system.

--- YOU: The recent draft of Mike Adams by the Steelers seems to have some of the fans up in arms about the character of the young man, along with Chris Rainey. Many reporters have reminded this group of fans about some of the more "colorful" players the Steelers have employed in the past, e.g. Ernie Holmes. I Googled "Rod Woodson arrested"...and sure enough Mr. Woodson had a variety of reports that would make one question if he was another "million-dollar talent and five-cent head".
Obviously, he got squared away and seems to be a widely respected former player. But, at the time he was drafted and even early on in Pittsburgh, he was not always the pillar of the community he later became known as. I have no idea if Mr. Adams or Mr. Rainey will follow a similar path in their personal development...but, obviously and perhaps rhetorically, a somewhat rough beginning is certainly no guarantee that the player(s) won't become a model citizen. I would hope that the noise being generated by a few fans about the perceived character flaws of our new Steelers will quickly dissipate and we can get back to criticizing the players for their real or imagined football flaws instead.

ME: Not a question but well put. People with shenanigans on their young resumes have also become president of the United States. Some even went on to do a good job of it. Apparently, though, Mike Adams did inhale.

--- YOU: Ed, as a potential "Dream Team" offensive line is being constructed as a result of the widely-heralded draft last week, the presumption seems to be that Maurkice Pouncey is generally healthy and of course the hope is that he will stay that way. But there has been little actual word as to his recovery from his most recent injury at season's end. Is he indeed back to full health, and internally is the Steelers' brass concerned with the two fairly significant injuries he has suffered in his first two years on the line?

ME: Pouncey had surgery after the season on his ankle. His mother told me the other day that heís doing fine. Weíll see, as John Mitchell might say, when we see him. Thereís always concern when you have a young player who has persistent leg injuries. However, Pouncey has played through them for the most part.

--- YOU: Saw your post about the O line in the future. If Adams turns out to be good they will have 4 out of 5 studs on the O line for the foreseeable future. Whether Adams is LT or Gilbert is LT wonít matter that much. It will be like the old days Ė strong O line makes up for a lot of ills. Think that when Art Rooney told Ben to ďtweakĒ his style, Ben said to Art: ďwell, Mr. Rooney, I hear you Ė youíve got a point. It would really help if you got me an O line to protect me though.Ē

ME: I think Rooney and everyone else in the organization was aware they needed to beef up their line without their quarterback making the suggestion.

--- YOU: do you have ANY skinny on any of the undrafted Fas the Steelers signed? Any skinny?

ME: Really, I havenít looked that closely at the undrafted free agent group. Brandon LIndsey, of course, is a linebacker from Pitt and a potential candidate, I would say. Thereís a kicker from Missouri, Grant Ressel. Robert Golden is a safety from Arizona coming to a team possibly looking for a young safety and which drafted none. And then thereís everyoneís favorite who, as I wrote on my chat Tuesday, really sticks out above all the other free agents: Ikponmwosa Igbinosun. Heís a defensive end from Southern Connecticut.